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Reiki & Pranic Healing: Healing with Similar Principles

You might have heard about Reiki and Pranic healing. The concept behind healing for these methodologies is similar. They are holistic healing methods and people from all over the world have experienced and implemented these procedures. Reiki was originated in Japan and Pranic Healing has Indian origin. Both these healing therapies have similar concept of healing and deal with effective treatment through spiritual methods. These methods are alternative treatments used with traditional or conventional medicine to improve the effectiveness of other forms of medication.

Reiki was originated by Mike Usui and Pranic Healing was mainly practiced as a meditation form by Himalayan Rishis and people in China also implemented this form of holistic healing. The former is relatively a newer discovery, but its effectiveness is prevalent to many people. Mr. Choa Kok Sui founded and implemented Pranic Healing on people.


Image by Bahman Farzad

Similar Principle of Healing Techniques

The basic principle of both healing techniques is similar. It helps in healing energy field of a person (called Aura) surrounding the body. Reiki does this spiritual form of healing with the help of energy symbols, sacred words, hand movements and visualization and Pranic Healing channelizes and harmonizes the life force energy (called Prana). The concept behind both healing therapies is to eliminate any sort of blockages or negativity from mind and body.

Every human body has a self-healing capacity, which can be initiated by clearing off any sort of hindrances in the body. Both practices don’t require any physical contact with the body of the person requiring healing. Physical touch might be required during early phases of Reiki, but in advanced stages, practitioners can heal a person even if they are away. If the patient is undertaking healing in the presence of master or practitioner, the hand movements will be projected 2-5 inches away from the physical body of that person. The energy field distributes the healing energy to body chakras, which turn into glands for proper functioning of the body.

Both can rectify any sort of imbalances or blockages in the body by involving the energy field (Auric) penetrations. It can balance the body and mind by making it stable and consistent. You can choose whatever suits your body and satisfies your mind, and make a move towards a better healing process.

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  • Prasannkumar Bhat May 18, 2018, 2:46 pm

    Reiki, Pranic healing, Shamianic etc all healing systems origin was India only. Physician Dr. Makai Usui learnt this from Buddhist monks & popularised to outside world. All healings origin is Kundalini Yoga.

    • Divya February 11, 2020, 6:22 pm

      Wow ! V nice to know.

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