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Grounding Technique – Holistic Healing Methods

Grounding is a very simple process that is commonly used by people associated with holistic healing methods like Reiki. Grounding is a commonly used technique in which a person creates a connection (imaginary) with earth. In most cases, a connection between root chakra and centre of the earth is created. The grounding cord developed in the process is then used for relieving other people’s energy, improving psychological health, cleansing seven chakras and boosting the life force energy within. Most Reiki practitioners use grounding technique to transfer energies from earth to their bodies. It is also used after of before a Reiki session to get rid of the energies transferred from a person or to strengthen energy.

Even though it looks like grounding is simple, as people become aware of their own energy levels, power of earth energies and effects of grounding on their psychological health, it gets more and more deep and complicated. There are entire e-books available on grounding techniques and its effects on people.


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Most Common Grounding Technique

Grounding is not only used by Reiki masters or practitioners but it is commonly used by people who are associated with other holistic healing concepts like Yoga. Even common people often ground themselves to reduce stress and to promote relaxation. One of the most common types of grounding technique used is the one in which meditation is used to connect to the earth by imagining roots coming out from the body and going deep inside to the centre of the earth.

In this particular grounding technique, a person creates a connection with the earth through an imaginary root connecting both the centre of the earth and the root chakra. The connection then is used to transfer earth energies into the body and to bury negative energies into the earth. A person can create a strong connection by going as deep into the earth as he wants and can secure a connection.

Once a strong and deep connection is established, a person can pull the earth energies through the imaginary root to the base chakra. Earth energies can also be used to cleanse chakras within human body. The energy can then moved to other chakras one after another until it reaches to the head chakra and passed through it. This can cleanse the chakras from negative energies and can fill the body with positive earth energies. Once the earth energies reached the head, a person can then resend them to the base chakra. The circulation of earth energy within body can help reenergize the system and can relieve all negative energies. For earth’s healing touch, move the earth energy to the heart chakra and stabilize the energy there.


Connecting to earth using imaginary roots requires certain steps to follow. Find a space where you can feel earth below your feet. Make sure the environment is comfortable and quite around you. Breathe slowly and get into the state of meditation. Start imagining about the roots and your connection with the earth. Learn to control and move the earth energies moving into your body through the established connection.

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