Aura Color Meanings & Significance



Red color is related to physical body, heart or circulation. It is the darkest color and creates friction level. Red usually depicts worries, obsessions, unforgiving nature, anger, nervousness or anxiety.

Color Meaning
Orange-Red Creative power, confidence
Dark   Pink Immature or Dishonest
Bright   or Light Pink Loving, sensitive, pure, compassionate, tender,   sensual, new or revived romance relationship
Clear   Red Energetic, Sexual, Passionate, Powerful, Competitive
Muddy   Red Anger
Deep   Red Realistic, Active, Grounded, Strong Will-Power


Orange Color is related to emotions and reproductive organs. It is the color of vigor, good health, excited nature, stamina, energy, creative, courageous, social nature, addictions and productivity.

Color Meaning
Dark   Brown Yellow or Gold Student straining to study; feeling stressed and   fatigued or stressed; making up for lost time
Orange   Yellow Intelligent, scientific, creative, perfectionist, detail oriented


Yellow color is related to life energy and spleen. It is the color illustrating inspiration, intelligence, creativity, optimism and awakening.

Color Meaning
Darkish yellow or gold Student straining to study, feeling stressed or fatigued; trying to make up for lost time
Bright or metallic gold Inspired person,   awakened spiritual power and energy
Bright yellow (Lemon) Struggling to control   or empower relations (business or personal), fearing to lose respect, power and self-respect
Pale Yellow (Light or dull yellow) Optimism, excitement (positive) for new ideas


Green color aura is related to lungs and heart. It is comfortable and healthy color, representing balance, growth, and sources of change, animals, nature and social life.

Color Meaning
Dark or Muddy forest green Jealousy, feeling like victim, self blaming or blaming others, insecure, lower self esteem, irresponsibility, sensitivity to criticism
Yellowish Green Communicative, creative heart
Bright emerald green Love centered person, healer


This color is related to thyroid, throat and immunity of body. It depicts calmness and cool attitude.

Color Meaning
Dark Blue Fear of speaking truth, fearing future, fearing self expression
Bright blue (Royal Blue) Spiritual, generous, growth of new opportunities
Soft blue (Dull Blue) Peace, clear thoughts, intuitive, truthful


This is the color having physical and spiritual abundance.

Color Meaning
Dark gray Fear collection in body, health problems
Bright gray (Metallic   Silver) Ready to take new ideas, nurturing, intuitiveness
Dirty gray Energy blockage
Image by qthomasbower


It is related to pituitary and visual gland; and relates to sensitive, deepest and intuitive feeling.


It is related to pineal gland, nervous system and crown area. It is a wise and sensitive color. It is intuitive color and depicts psychic power of self-attunement.


It is related to day dreaming, imagination and vision.


It relates to divinity, holistic guidance and enlightening of a person. It depicts inner facts, wisdom, spiritual thinking, intuitiveness and protection.


Rainbow stripes originate a learned person or Reiki Master.


It reflects pure form of energy and has holistic approach; and includes angelic qualities of highest dimensions. White flashes of light indicate something new in life, especially pregnancy.


This color reflects unforgiving nature, past life hurts, grief and especially, abortions from ovaries.


This depicts love of Mother Earth and people living on outdoors (farmers, constructors etc).

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  1. Wish I could see auras, I am clairtransient. I have tried a few recommended techniques to see auras and had no success, any tips?

  2. Sarah: sorry, no tips on this. What I understand is that it is possible, and there are some free and some paid methods available that will teach you, but all require some persistence on the student’s part, so it takes (a lot of?) practice.

    Randi: Could very well be, but I think nobody can tell for sure. I’d say, just enjoy them :), and in time perhaps you can start noticing patterns and figuring out what it could mean.

  3. Hello!
    Thank you so much for the information! I’ve noticed people let their auras been seen when the are focused on something and when they explain something with a lot of passion.
    For me, it was a mystery to know about the real meaning of the different colors I get used to see.
    Now, not anymore.
    Namaste! 🙂

  4. Ive had my aura pic taken(head and shoulders) and there were four auric crosses (formed a ‘hashtag’ symbol) but the reader couldnt tell me what it meant – any idea?

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for the article.
    Is it possible to have a mix of colors in the aura? How do you know which color is the “core”?
    I did a month ago a thing call the aura video station and I’m a bit confused. It showed me three colors and I don’t know how to “analyze” that?

  6. I love trees i stare into them everyday. I feel heart chakras mainly i cant exlain it i have felt them ever since i was alittle kid. I always see flashes only recently i was walking and i seen pink im guessing tht was my chakra?? And angel feathers always appear in thin air out of no where im only 25 and finding out what all this means….

  7. Ok… Lets start by clearing up one thing about angels… They are energy entities, no need of wings or feathers! They are represented in paintings and drawings with wings like birds, but thats only our ways of representing that they fly, float or in other words, arent affected by gravity.

    • While I agree that angels are energetic beings, Hazael, that doesn’t mean that they won’t try to communicate in a way that humans understand. Angels don’t need wings and feathers to fly, however, they know that we, humans, have depicted them in our art as having them for millenia. Juanita’s experience with white feathers has been shared by many others across the world. I suggest that angels are reaching out to them in a medium they understand and can automatically relate to.

  8. I learnt to see auras from meditating in the garden. As a Reiki Master I teach Reiki. But due to the interest from students started teaching how to see auras

    It is important to use the colours and their associated meanings in this article as a guidance as everyone may see differently. Its rather like chakras.

    You are ultimately looking, as a healer, for tinges or muddy colours for a block or negative aspect.

    Auras change constanty, they are not constant.Even antidepressants affect them.

    Ninja Masters and psychics may train to see auras to help them in their roles. It is a skill that can be taught.

    Kind regards

    Julia at Culcheth Healing, Cheshire, England

  9. During my session I have experienced a pulling like effect with some discomfort and seen the color black solid and in a specific shape, elongated. Its happened three times and its always in the same location lowel right abdomen. Do colors have shapes? I also see colors during my sessions in rays or solids other times in a flowing ways like the water in a creek.

  10. I activated reiki and dangled my lapis lazuli pendant over my hand and while I was doing this after some time I began to see an orangish gold glow around the pendant what does this mean?

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