Three Ways to Use the Symbols in Your Relationship


Here’s three ways to use the symbols in your relationship. Remember to always use them intending for the highest good of all involved, whatever the outcome may be.

Cho Ku Rei – Strength

Use the power symbol to empower and strengthen your relationship. Don’t worry, it wont make it “rigid” strong – such as to cause a lot of jealousy and the like. It will most likely be the exact opposite, a strength of trust, confidence, acceptance, and peace.

Reiki Symbols
Reiki Symbols

Sei He Ki – Depth

The mental and emotional symbol will allow for a deep connection. You  will connect on the heart level, and on spiritual level, and experience deep emotions of love. That is, if you’re compatible, of course :).

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Distance

Use the distance symbol to establish a connection even when you’re apart. Send them energy and tell them that you love them. Don’t do it too often though, or you’ll miss the gift of missing them, which, in itself, is a blessing. Missing someone is sometimes good, because it reminds us that we love them ;).

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    • Sarah I was thinking the same thing 🙂 so I thought about applying it to a picture of the couple or if that’s not available writing their full names on a piece of paper using your intentions you could even add crystals and write positive affirmations on the paper. Reiki Rays, I love your website and Facebook page!!! I learn so much from the articles and when I’m looking for new ways to use reikii I go to your site first.

  1. I’ve only been practicing reiki for a month so not sure if I am correct but each morning I draw the symbols on my children. I draw them over their hearts and then place my hands over their hearts and ask whatever intention comes to mind, generally for them to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong when they are with me or away.

  2. Daily..I go thru’ Your Posts! Ive been practicing reiki for quite sometime now, and still am learning a lot via Your amazing and awusum Posts …Thank you Reiki Rays! stay Blessed in all wayz 🙂

  3. I love reiki. Reiki is my power. Reiki is my energy. Reiki symbols works me better. Thank you to whole creation of universe. God bless to all.

  4. As my partner is in hospital right now the idea of using the distance symbol to send him my love as well as healing is a marvellous idea. Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Elizabeth, I have been taught to get the permission of someone where you can’t just outright ask them… Meditate and visualize the person. Call upon their Higher Selves. Once you get them in your field of view, ask them for permission. If they turn towards you, it’s a yes. If they turn away, it’s a no.
      Does anyone else have any other methods?

    • Elisabeth – just set your intention for the persons highest and best; if they are not open to the healing, the energy to be dispersed to where it is needed most and accepted.

  5. I love that you give the symbols, I know many do not believe in sharing, but I feel why not share the good intentions and help those in need.. I loved my reiki training but love this site as well

  6. What if you’re single and looking for a loving romantic relationship? Would you use the same symbols to attract a new love into your life or is there different symbols to use? Xx

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