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Reiki Detox: 21 Days Cleansing Module

What is Reiki Detox?

When a student completes Reiki attunement, they feel a ‘strange period’ in their body and mind, which lasts for approximately 21 days. This period refers to Reiki Detox. In this phase, the Reiki energies are channelized and 7 chakras in body are balanced and incorporated in the body of a person. This can take different levels through the body. There are many physically visible or other issues reported during Reiki Detox phase. It can often get mild skin rashes for a person and generate other problematic occurrences. It might depend on the level of clogging of energy system of a person. It means if there is much imbalance in the body, there can be worse impacts seen due to Reiki Detox and vice versa. The cleaning cycle is essential after completion of each level of attunement.

What is done during Reiki Detox?

Reiki Detox is basically a cleansing cycle and its impacts vary from one person to another. There is nothing very specific about preceding this treatment. It is always good to keep in touch with your Reiki master during these 21 days and immediately let them know about anything awkward occurring in your body or mind. The major purpose behind Reiki Detox is to get rid of all negativity from your body and mind. It can cleanse your body from inside and give you a stronger physical presence. You can make some minor changes in your diet and even go for fasting to detoxify your body from inside. Drinking excess of water is preferred by all Reiki Masters for detoxification of body.

What is to be done after Reiki Detox?

Reiki cleansing may not show any noticeable impacts on your body, but it will link you with Reiki energy for your life time. Reiki masters encourage their students to spend more time in spiritual healing of their bodies to get emotional, mental and physical balance of the body. There are many practices done by different people to carry forward their Detox Experiences. You can get best from your Reiki attunement levels by detoxification of body in a right way.

Reiki Detox is essential part after every level of attunement. It will induce a better effect of energy healing and make it better for you to adapt all things with positivity in mind.

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