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Using Reiki for Travel

Using Reiki for travel

6 weeks of travelling around South America, is a long time in most people’s opinion, and I would have to agree! In September/October 2016 my husband and I were fortunate enough to do this just this, however Reiki was very much required for most of the journey. We live in the Northern part of Australia […] Read more


Reiki and Travel Wishes

Reiki and travel wishes

Many of us have the wish of traveling around the globe. I had this wish when I was in 9th grade. And till now successfully I have seen 18 countries and count is on. Some people actually feel this is really boring and they actually love to be home. But still somewhere in deep down […] Read more

Reiki and ice bath while travelling

Reiki plays a vital role in day to day life. It teaches and guides us at every step of life but only when we feel it with pure and strong intentions. Here I am going to share my personal experience, “how reiki helped me while travelling.” In the month of May on 21st it was […] Read more

Reiki for your travel

I am a hard core traveller so I travel quite often. Sometimes solo, sometimes with friends or family. So I give Reiki to my travel every time I step out. This topic is very close to my heart and I have been practising it regularly. I have been seeing great results for my travel using […] Read more

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Reiki and Travel

Tammy's Rose Quartz Crystal

I’ve been on holidays for the past few weeks (thus why I haven’t contributed any article for a number of weeks), travelling from Australia to Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. It’s been the most magical and marvellous holiday for both my husband and I. What has made it more special and divine is that I […] Read more