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throat chakra

Reiki Can Form Part of Your Prenatal Care

What is Reiki? Reiki is a gentle non-invasive way to promote the body’s ability to heal and balance itself. During pregnancy and immediately following, a woman’s body undergoes many physiological changes. Many of those changes affect the function of the brain, the emotions, and the overall feeling of well-being. So how can Reiki treatments serve […] Read More

Reiki, Crystals & the Higher Chakras

Ready to dive into the next set of crystal and chakra combinations? Here I will cover the higher chakras and crystals that can be used by healers to clear and balance each. Let’s start with Visshudha or the Throat chakra Throat chakra – Visshudha The Throat chakra is located at the base of the neck […] Read More

Effective Reiki Healing for Children

Article by Vrunda Moghe Dev While sending Reiki healing to adults, the experience of the healer is quite different. Many ask for this form of healing on somebody’s recommendation and a few of them are skeptical about its efficacy. This, at times comes in the way of a smooth pathway for the Reiki waves to reach […] Read More

Throat Chakra and Higher Throat Chakra

My Journey and Laryngitis Last few months were a little stressful for me. There were primarily 2 reasons. First being I was severely affected by laryngitis or infection of the throat. And second being since I am a speaker, trainer teacher, and a coach most of my daily work activities comprise of talking and thus […] Read More

Archangel Sandalphon and the Throat Chakra

The Archangel most associated with the Throat chakra is Sandalphon. Although he is not as familiar to many of us as some of the other archangels, he is a very powerful and helpful archangel. He is usually depicted as being tall, symbolizing his role in connecting us to the Divine. Often, he is called the […] Read More

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