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10 Signs on Distinguishing Twin Flame from Other Relationships

After my previous article on Reiki Rays Twin Flames and Twin Flame Reiki, many had asked me to cite more differences between twin flames and other relationships. Here, I have tried my best to list the differences, compiling various experiences, plus my channelling. I would request you to please honour the calling within for identifying your twin […] Read more

Blending Relationship Energies with Reiki

Our lives are implicitly woven in relationships, dating back to our birth and many spiritual practitioners can relate, when I say that relationships exist even beyond the physical being. Establishing warmth and oneness in the many opportunities that are presented in our lives is something that we all seek. Every relationship is an energy, that […] Read more

Enhancing the Soul Mate Connection with Reiki

As a member of the clergy who performs many weddings, I truly believe that every couple who decides to marry are soul mates. In my study of scripture and the Zohar in particular, this viewpoint is backed up by many passages, and is based on the concept of spiritual merit. Being someone’s soul mate is […] Read more


Reiki for Breakups

Reiki for Breakups

Whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship or any type of goodbye, breakups are tough. It could be your first real heartbreak or your 100ths, there’s always that moment you just want to shut out the world and have a good cry. Years ago, I went through a dark night of the soul. Though most would […] Read more

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