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Reiki for Australia

Since September, Australia has been experiencing devastating fires. Images from satellites show that a significant portion of the continent is on fire. The fires spreadly rapidly and are difficult to control. It is currently estimated that over a billion animals have perished as a result of the fires, smoke, and heat. The people of Australia […] Read more

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How Often is Reiki Needed to Maintain Wellness?

Most people feel good after a Reiki session. They know right away if it is something they would like to experience again. Those who enjoy it and find it beneficial often feel that it is something they should be doing regularly to maintain health. But how regularly? How often is Reiki needed to be most […] Read more


The Challenging Client – Part I

The Challenging Reiki Client - Part I

As a mental health professional for three decades, my career was blessed with many challenging clients. I am not being facetious – challenging clients can be viewed as blessings. They cause us to question, and strengthen, our skills and levels of compassion. As our understanding grows as to why clients behave in the ways they […] Read more

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies Through Reiki

Each person has both masculine and feminine energies within themselves, no matter what the gender, or the sexual orientation, of the person is. Neither energy body is more important, nor superior, to the other. Both are essential in living a balanced life. Usually, one form is more dominant than the other within a person. An […] Read more


Living in the Reiki Flow

Living in the Reiki Flow

Living life in the flow of Reiki is a much easier way of being. Remember your life before Reiki – looking back, doesn’t it seem everything was more difficult? There may have been feelings of resistance towards your workplace, or within your relationships. Or, there may have been feelings of being disconnected from other people, […] Read more

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