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Past Life Visions During Reiki Sessions

When a Reiki practitioner practices frequently and remains open to unlimited possibilities of the modality, the intuitive abilities often grows in clarity and strength. It is not unusual for a Reiki practitioner to experience a third-eye vision for the client. Sometimes, these visions are scenes from a past life of the client. Some scenes may […] Read more

4 Rationales - Why Reiki Is Not Working for You?

“Vision is that point where your eyes are set with such a great focus that you start creating possibilities out of every impossible.” On the quest of knowledge, I am always seeking out people who are like-minded and who can pour more nectar into my goblet. My pursuit of gaining enlightenment on Reiki is no […] Read more

The Role of Byosen Scanning in the Reiki Session

Generally speaking, the treatment phase of the professional Reiki session begins with the energetic, or byosen scan, and is conducted when the client is comfortably situated on the Reiki table, and after the Pre-Session Intake and Discussion. Many Reiki practitioners recognize Byosen (“sick accumulation” or “place of sickness”) as a Japanese Reiki technique that identifies […] Read more

Releasing Energy through the Soles of the Feet

In a previous article, “The Professional Reiki Session – The Reiki Treatment,” I discussed a technique that continues to serve my clients well – Opening the Soles of the Feet. Several years ago, Reiki’s guidance led me to this procedure during a client session. At that time, I received clear instructions to energetically open the […] Read more