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reiki healing

The Transformative Flames of Holy Fire® Reiki

Nearly five years have passed since I began my Holy Fire Reiki® (HFR) journey. Throughout those years, I have experienced remarkable healing and growth in almost all areas of my life and Reiki practice. Its transformative effects began almost immediately, and during my first year as an HFR Master, Reiki guided me to write an […] Read more


Miracles Can Happen

Miracles Can Happen

Article by Natalie Mitchell Do you believe in miracles? Well you should because we are so much more than we know, we are the miracle! When I first got interested in Reiki some 15 years ago, I would never have believed where it would take me. The first 7 or 8 years were spent dabbling […] Read more

Reiki Healing for Physical Problems - Diabetes and ED

Reiki healing is purely scientific, holistic and very powerful treatment methods to cure all the physical, social, behavioral, financial, legal and marital as well as other relationship problems because it is based on the pure energy healing techniques. The healer first tries to find out the source/origin of the problems by akashic readings and psychic […] Read more

Reiki Healing - A Natural Therapy to Improve Relationships

Reiki healing is a natural therapy to improve and to strengthen all types of relationships with family and friends for the people of all ages having physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. What is the reason of imbalance in relationships? The imbalance in any type of relationships between two persons is due to the blocked […] Read more


Pain Free Menstrual Cycle

Pain Free Menstrual Cycle

Just imagine, you are planning a vacation or an important meeting at your job has been scheduled and you just realised that they are dates of your menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle can be quite daunting not only for you but also for others around you as most of the women are in an irritable […] Read more

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