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reiki attunement

Case Study: Reiki Attunement for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

The information about the influence of Reiki in Multiple Sclerosis is rather limited and, as a friend of mine has been suffering from it, for more than ten years, I decided to attune him to Reiki in order to help him with his condition and, at the same time, have the opportunity to learn a […] Read more

Oracle Card Reading ES

What started as an inquiry during meditation, has now evolved and morphed into what I now will stay devoted to as one of the many passions I will specialize in as a Reiki Teacher. This specific, rapidly growing personal passion was a question presented to both subconsciousness and my superconsciousness. What makes this so unique […] Read more

The Sacred Mystery of the Reiki Attunement

Every time I do a Reiki attunement, I am humbled and mystified by the sacred energy that this experience offers to the teacher and the student. The minute the space is prepared for an attunement, there is a sudden shift in the energy of the room. And this shift can be felt even before the […] Read more


Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meet your Spirit Guide

The first time I ever heard about Spirit Guides was during my first Reiki attunement class. At first, I thought only Reiki practitioners had Spirit Guides for protection and support. I took part in a guided meditation to meet my main Spirit Guide and then was told that I could now work with them. Well, […] Read more

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