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reiki attunement

Oracle Card Reading ES

What started as an inquiry during meditation, has now evolved and morphed into what I now will stay devoted to as one of the many passions I will specialize in as a Reiki Teacher. This specific, rapidly growing personal passion was a question presented to both subconsciousness and my superconsciousness. What makes this so unique […] Read more

The Sacred Mystery of the Reiki Attunement

Every time I do a Reiki attunement, I am humbled and mystified by the sacred energy that this experience offers to the teacher and the student. The minute the space is prepared for an attunement, there is a sudden shift in the energy of the room. And this shift can be felt even before the […] Read more


Meet Your Spirit Guide

Meet your Spirit Guide

The first time I ever heard about Spirit Guides was during my first Reiki attunement class. At first, I thought only Reiki practitioners had Spirit Guides for protection and support. I took part in a guided meditation to meet my main Spirit Guide and then was told that I could now work with them. Well, […] Read more


Etheric Crystals and Reiki

Etheric Crystals and Reiki

There are some beautiful articles regarding etheric crystals out there. Yet I get many questions from people asking, what Etheric crystals are? The word etheric means “beyond real”. The word crystal means rocks or fossils of different colours which have different vibration and healing properties. So does the term “Etheric Crystal” mean “beyond real rocks”? […] Read more

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