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When Reiki No Longer Feels Effective

After an attunement, we are promised by our teachers that the Reiki can never leave us, even if we ourselves choose to desert it. But sometimes, it can feel as if the Reiki flow isn’t as powerful as it once was or in some cases, that Reiki has left us permanently.

Here are some potential scenarios:

  • Clients comment on having powerful experiences during treatment, but the practitioner feels little or nothing
  • Self-treatment feels weak, ineffective or completely absent
  • All attempts to connect with Reiki lead to frustration and a sense of failure
  • Clients who normally respond well to treatments no longer appear to make progress
  • A once flourishing spiritual and/or psychic development has stalled and attempts to restart have all failed
  • Byosen scans are unreliable or weak
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It is easy to see why this is not a widely discussed subject. The feelings of shame, disappointment, failure and the depression that can result from these feelings would be enough for anyone to ‘throw in the towel’ and give up on Reiki and try something else. After all, haven’t we been promised that Reiki would never leave us? Evidence to the contrary may make us think differently about that.

Tempting though it may be to walk away from Reiki and try some other healing modality (after all, there are many paths up the same mountain), I would place a bet that after the initial buzz of learning something new has worn off, a strikingly similar challenge of effectiveness would rise from the depths to be faced again.

Strength or Perception?

Here’s the first rub.

Has the Reiki really dropped in strength or is it just our perception of the strength of our Reiki that has changed?

The litmus test is the efficacy of your treatments. When you treat others or yourself, is the treatment producing the expected results? If it is, chances are your perception has diminished. If it’s not, chances are your Reiki has dropped in strength.

Why perceptions can change

The long and short of it is, it’s human nature. We get used to the feelings of Reiki energy, just as we get used to driving a car. Do you remember learning to drive? We consciously have to control every aspect of what we are doing and because a car is a powerful, complicated machine, we are looking for and needing feedback all the time in order to master driving it.

But within a short time, driving becomes a natural part of what we do. We take all feedback in on autopilot whilst holding a conversation or listening to music. We have anaesthetized ourselves to natural feedback.

The cure for anaesthesia

Using the driving analogy, think about the condition of a road. Most roads are relatively smooth and we don’t notice the feedback we receive through the suspension and steering wheel because it is the expected and normal, good feedback.

But if the next time we got in the car we decided to really look for and feel all the feedback, chances are we would have a very different experience in that drive. We might even notice some changes to the road that we hadn’t even noticed before.

Applying this analogy to Reiki should be clear. By making a conscious decision to tune in and feel for feedback in an open and relaxed state of mind, the perception will become clear again.

When Reiki No Longer Feels Effective

When Reiki Strength Really Has Dropped

The Golden Rule: Don’t panic, Reiki hasn’t deserted you.

The above is of course, true. How can something that is present in all things and everywhere throughout the entire universe choose to completely leave you? It can’t. Period.

If the strength of your Reiki has diminished, the cause is stress.

Stress turns up in many guises: external pressures from the world around us, and internal pressures from our own inner dialogues, thoughts, emotions and habits.

Stress is so insidious that, just like perception, we can anaesthetize ourselves from it to some extent. After all, life goes on and things must get done, we don’t have time to deal with all our stressors.

However, sometimes a stress factor must be faced if we are to reclaim our Reiki and our spiritual development.

Our Reiki strength becomes diminished because it is time to let something go, move on, heal or break through to the next level. It is a clear feedback signal that something must be dealt with.

When we become a Reiki Master, it doesn’t mean that we are immune to needing help from others from time to time, be it medically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally. Pride is a form of stress that can hinder your progress too.

As a Lightworker, we knew that this path wouldn’t be easy and our Reiki would both heal and guide us. Sometimes the lessons can be a little rough, but we all go through them.

A Healing Meditation To Deepen and Renew Your Reiki

To ease your passing through this rough patch, allow yourself the time to relax and work through this meditation. It is specifically designed to enhance and deepen your Reiki connection, cure Reiki anaesthesia and increase Reiki strength.

Have You Been Going It Alone?

It’s a paradox of human nature that we are social creatures but oftentimes we insist on coping with things on our own.

If self-treatments have been ineffective, reach out to another Reiki practitioner and go and have some sessions as a client. Allow them to work on you and within a couple of sessions, your own Reiki will feel renewed.

Article by Phoenix Fenegan

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Phoenix Fenegan

Phoenix Fenegan

Phoenix Fenegan is a Reiki Master Teacher, yoga teacher, spiritual and energy explorer. Phoenix has a YouTube channel called Reiki Meditations which has many resources for Reiki students and those looking to experience Reiki. She is a writer of some note on yoga and spiritual matters and was first published way back in 1997. You can follow her on Instagram @reikimeditationsyoutube

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    Great article…..don’t we all have trouble connecting on occasion! Not just reiki but to ourselves, others, life, our heart, our brain, our family,….to be a human hahaha

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