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Etheric Crystals and Reiki

Etheric Crystals and Reiki

There are some beautiful articles regarding etheric crystals out there. Yet I get many questions from people asking, what Etheric crystals are? The word etheric means “beyond real”. The word crystal means rocks or fossils of different colours which have different vibration and healing properties. So does the term “Etheric Crystal” mean “beyond real rocks”? […] Read more

Why Healing Yourself Is Your Only Way of Healing the World

One of the most common ‘diseases’ from Reiki practitioners or healing types is that they tend to neglect the healing of themselves. They become the wounded healer trope who gives at the expense of themselves. As if burning a house was the way to give someone warmth. Why heal oneself? And how does that heal […] Read more

A Word of Advice to the Reiki Novice

Reiki is a wonderful practice. It is amazingly versatile and full of surprises. Even after 8 years of practicing and teaching Reiki, I learn something new with every treatment I give, and every class that I teach. Thinking back to the beginning of my journey as a Reiki practitioner there are many things I wish […] Read more


Crystals, Oils and Water

Crystals, Oils & Water

So you say you are ready to add some complimentary healing modalities to your already successful Reiki healing sessions? Here are a few options. Crystals Crystals are my personal favorite healing modality to use in combination with my own Reiki practice. I feel a special connection to crystals, and I love using them in healing […] Read more

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