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The Cho Ku Rei Boost

Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei is known as the Power Symbol. It helps to strengthen the flow of Reiki. It can help you receive a quick boost of energy. It can add a dash of extra power and strength not only to your healing sessions but to your entire day. Palm Method Draw the Cho Ku Rei [...]


The Five Reiki Principles

The Reiki principles are a fundamental part of our Reiki training, yet many see them as no more than a set of ideals that don’t directly affect our practice. It’s true we would get the same results even if we weren’t aware of these principles but to merely use them as a mantra over looks [...]


Wagle Reiki

Wagle Reiki was introduced by Rajeev Wagle .The exact date is not known but its said, its around the same time he had introduced Lama-Fera in England in September 2001. He had discovered 15 sets of symbols, which appeared to be Japanese, but their origin is unknown to the mankind. He was very generous with [...]


Reiki Power, Trifold

This was given to me to express today ;). How will Reiki make you strong? It will do so by acting on your core being. It will make you strong from within, and from without. The strength is trifold: Psychic, Emotional, and Physical. Psychic power Reiki will render you practically immune to any sort of [...]


Reiki symbols are basically Sanskrit derived Japanese forms that help improve the flow of Life Force Energy (see this article for details). These symbols are an essential part of Reiki practice and they used to be secret and revealed only to Reiki students who are initiated into the advance or master level. However, with the technology [...]


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