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Keeping Our Power In Times of Great Change: The Reiki Principles in Practice

Article by Wanda Buckner, Ed.D. In difficult times it is all too easy to let the pessimistic energy of others invade our personal energetic field. The trouble-filled voices of the broadcasters, the charts of ever-increasing numbers of infected people, and the running tape below the television screen that documents economic freefall: all contribute to the […] Read more


The Master of the First Principle

Reiki Principles

There was once a young warrior who had grown arrogant and full of his own importance. Filled with boastful pride from his many victories and contemptuous of those he had vanquished. He was driven to prove he was invincible against any mortal man; only the gods had the power to defeat him. A priest at […] Read more


The Five Reiki Principles

The Reiki principles are a fundamental part of our Reiki training, yet many see them as no more than a set of ideals that don’t directly affect our practice. It’s true we would get the same results even if we weren’t aware of these principles but to merely use them as a mantra over looks […] Read more