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Reiki Power, Trifold

This was given to me to express today ;).

How will Reiki make you strong? It will do so by acting on your core being. It will make you strong from within, and from without.

The strength is trifold: Psychic, Emotional, and Physical.

Psychic power

Reiki will render you practically immune to any sort of psychic attack. The protection is trifold.

Firstly, your vibration will be so intense that lower vibration entities will be blinded away by the light you radiate.

Secondly, your vibration will be of love – but entities who usually feed off of humans prefer feelings of anger, frustration, jealousy, apathy, so they will move away as they won’t find your energy “tasty” enough for them.

Thirdly, your vibration will be of peace, and this will contradict and negate the psychic battles that would otherwise perhaps come your way, as peace ends all war.

Emotional power

By its very nature, Reiki will render you incompatible with lower emotions. The incompatibility is trifold.

Firstly, the unconditional love will rule out feelings of jealousy, craving attention and exclusivity, distrust.

Secondly, the calm, poised feeling of courage  will sail you safely through the sea of fears, whether it is fear of something known, or unknown. Fear of change, or of stay. Of losses, or gains. Whatever the fear, sail through it you shall, and through you the fear pass shall; courage deeply nested in your Reiki heart. For fear is but a soap bubble – touch it, and it disappears.

Reiki Power, Trifold

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Thirdly, it will teach you to accept the world as it is, bringing resolve to all conflict. It will teach you that, just as all love is self love, so all conflict is inner conflict too. And with acceptance heart-rooted, there can be no conflict. There can be only you, and your love.

Physical power

By way of its workings on your inner being, Reiki will render your outer being indestructible. The strength is trifold.

Firstly, by bringing resolve to all inner conflict, and therefore as explained, to all conflict, the flow of energy will pass unchecked, unchallenged, through all levels of your being. There will be no energy bottleneck in the body, and there will be no energy block in the body. This alone will keep all illness at bay, for what is physical illness, but an outer manifestation of an inner battle?

Secondly, the tranquility will keep all wrinkles off your face, and your smile will bestow rays of Reiki light to all within and beyond sight. This will bring you youth and vigor, making your body seemingly go against the nature’s ways and growing ever younger. As a grandmother, you’ll dance side by side with your granddaughters. As a grandfather, you’ll race and play football and swim with your grandchildren. More beautiful with each day of peace, stronger with each calm breath you take.

Thirdly, the deeply grounded roots will bring about resilience to whatever life has in store for you. You will stand tall and keep your head high, yet at ease, and flexible enough to bow to your brothers. Grounded and clearheaded, strong as a bull, unstoppable as a tank, flexible and sure as the river finding its way to the sea.

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