Wagle Reiki


Article by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta

Wagle Reiki was introduced by Rajeev Wagle .The exact date is not known but its said, its around the same time he had introduced Lama-Fera in England in September 2001. He had discovered 15 sets of symbols, which appeared to be Japanese, but their origin is unknown to the mankind. He was very generous with his energy and wanted everyone to pass on these symbols freely and not keep it a secret. He passed away unexpectedly in May 2003, suffering a cardiac arrest.

Hence respecting his wishes, I would like to share the 15 symbols with all you guys!

To practice these symbols, there are 2 points to be remembered.

1. The person needs to be at least a level 2 Reiki Practitioner, as the power of these symbols get really increased when they are preceded and ended with CHK

2. The symbols should be always drawn with conned fingers.

Most of these symbols are for prosperity, abundance, happiness, removing blockages and also scarcity.

Mentioned below are the 15 symbols:

1. Biru Kai – This symbol can be used to increase or bring love in our life.


 2. Chi Hai – This symbol ensures that there is success in any new venture, provided its for our greatest and highest good.


3. Furu Pyo Sho – This symbol is excellent for people like me who have a very short concentration span! It helps is improving meditation.


4. Hang Seng Dor – This symbol is used to remove difficulties and blockages in emotional, financial and situational difficulties. It’s a good idea to place these symbols on the wall of your house or office.


5. Jai Jin – This symbol is very helpful for introverts as it helps in expressing ones self.


6. Jin So Gen – If there is a constant squabble in the family or in office, this symbol can be used to increase or create peace.


7. Kai Sei Chen – This symbol is used to remove depression.


8. Ki Yin Chi – This symbol is used to increase or create prosperity, its ideal to keep this photos on the wall of one’s office or home.


9. Mi Chi Ka Ro – This symbol can be used to create or increase harmony, in one’s life, family, office etc.


10. Mil Qu Zoo – Is used to remove scarcity from ones life. Can be placed in ones house, office, shop etc.


11. Sanye Meldu – This is yet another symbol to create or increase peace in all walks of ones life.


12. Senz Tan – This symbol can be used to achieve victory in all walks of life.


13. Tse Ne Dong – It can be used to create happiness in ones life, also things to happen smoothly without any interruptions. These symbols too can be placed in offices, homes etc.


14. Yoshi Te – This symbol can be used to improve relationships between colleagues, family members, friends, in short everyone.


15. Zen Kai Jo – This is yet another symbol to increase or create abundance in ones life. It can be placed on the walls of houses, shops, offices, etc. One can use Ki Yin chi, Zen Kai Jo and Mil Qu Zoo together.


Sunetra Dasgupta

When she is not a professor teaching undergraduate students Mathematics, Statistics, and Business Communication, Sunetra Dasgupta is a Reiki Teacher. She is emotionally attached to Reiki as she feels, when she was nowhere, Reiki came to rescue her. She has channeled Gajanan Vinayak Reiki, and heals and teaches Traditional (Usui) Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Soulmate Reiki, Fusion Reiki, Wagle Reiki, Angel Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Lavender Flame Reiki, 30 more types of Reiki, Magnified Healing, DLA, Akashic Records, Access Consciousness, Aura Brushing, Cord Removal, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, EFT, Psychic Surgery, Angel and Tarot Card Reading, Runes, Tasseography, Violet Flame, Herbs and Oils, Candle Magick, Signature Analysis, Vastu, Numerology, Feng Shui. She is also an Angel whisperer. She lives in India and can be followed on her Facebook Reiki Page: Soniele Daniel Healing Miracle https://www.facebook.com/SunnyDReikiPractice. Her Tarot Page which she has formed with 2 other members https://www.facebook.com/Tarotmaniacs/ and her crystal page https://www.facebook.com/Tara-Crystals-697708507039195/. She has also written a book “Lessons I learned from Reiki” which can be bought from Pothi.com, she can be also followed on Instagram Instagram.com/sonieledanielhealingmiracle.



  1. no tak,wiecej symboli a jak je sie pisze/rysuje? przeciez sa to uswiecone symbole ktore pisze sie w bardzo specyficzny sposob a nie inaczej.moze ktos podpowie??
    love and light

  2. I always love your articles. I am grateful for them.
    Just one clarification from today’s article- What are conned fingers?

  3. This is interesting. I’m currently studying everything I can about artistic forms of prayer: runes, hex symbols, doodle prayers etc.

  4. I believe it is spelled coned? 🙂 What does CHK stand for? Thank you for this article, I’ll be trying these symbols. Love and Light

  5. No attunement necessary? Also, I am assuming left to right, top to bottom in how to draw these symbols? I look forward to using these, thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Hi Sunetraji,

    You really have great work done and nice collection!! I want to know can i stick all reiki symbols on walls at my home, will it be good to see them everyday to increase our power? Thanks

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