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personal growth

Protecting Your Energy Fields

It is not uncommon for Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, and other energy healing workers to report they absorb the negative feelings of their clients. If a client is suffering from depression or grief, they too feel sad. Or, if a client has been abused in some way, they also feel the pain of abuse. Is […] Read More


Reiki to Be Your Authentic Self

Do you like who you are? When we are authentic, we are comfortable being in our own skin and accept ourselves as we are. A lot of people grow up with the belief that they are not good enough. Nothing they do is good enough. They set very high standards for themselves and beat themselves […] Read More

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Reiki and Personal Growth


Article by Deb Karpek Reiki has been a part of my life since 2000 when I first discovered it at a Women’s Wellness Conference. It was the spring and I had recently quit drinking. Normally a Saturday morning would find me hung over and miserable but this particular morning I was charged up and ready […] Read More


Reiki and Personal Growth

Reiki is a personal growth practice. Natural healing has the potential to reach beyond the therapeutic experience of healing itself. Scientific studies give evidence of the bio-electric frequency induced by a Reiki treatment. However the fact that these studies are ad hoc and often ‘topical’ does not show the far-reaching effects of a medium and […] Read More

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