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patti deschaine

Using Reiki to Move Through Blockages

Are you feeling blocked? Stifled? Stymied? Feel like you are putting forth maximum effort but making no progress? Many times we feel stuck in a place where we do not want to be, but have no idea how to move forward and get to a better space. At times when we are frustrated by our […] Read more

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Don’t Neglect Your Chakras

Don't Neglect Your Chakras

When we begin our Reiki self-healing practice, we learn about the energy system that runs along the spine – the chakras. This is an exciting time and we enthusiastically embrace chakra healing. While in the learning stages, we take special care with our practice. Perhaps we have a scheduled time for healing planned for each […] Read more

Are You Ready for Reiki Master Training?

Master level Reiki training encompasses all important stepping stones to personal growth and transformation. In a Reiki Master course you will be attuned to the highest level of Reiki energy and given access to the ancient and powerful master symbols. You will learn the process of passing attunements to others, initiating them into their personal […] Read more

Reiki II – Next Level Power

Once we have been attuned to Reiki I for a while, we are ready to experience more. Reiki II is the stage where we deepen our connection with Reiki energy. It’s the time when we receive our second attunement and are introduced to the Reiki symbols. As we are given access to this new level, […] Read more

Reiki for When the Healer Gets Sick

As healers, we practice excellent self-care. We try our best. We eat good naturally grown foods. We walk in nature. We understand the balance of effort and rest. We clear ourselves energetically and choose to socialize with people who are like-minded and vibrationally sound. All of this is great. It’s a recipe for a long, […] Read more

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