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Why Doing Reiki When You Feel Bad is the Best Thing You Can Do

Getting attuned to Reiki can be tough. All sort of things start coming out of the woodwork for you to work on energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You get overwhelmed. Perhaps even decide “Reiki must not be that great if it made me feel this bad”. So maybe you decide to stop using Reiki altogether. […] Read more

Reiki drink

Article by Urvashi Gupta When it comes to energy, I just simply can’t resist myself playing with it all the time. Experimenting, testing and myriad of crazy things which I do with Reiki. Out of all the fun things and energy work, the best activity I like to do is making a Reiki mock-tail. Reiki mocktail […] Read more


Easing Violent Hearts

Violent hearts

There is much unrest and emotional pain in the world. Hearts are hurting, angry, and bitter. Many times hearts have become hardened to the pain they have witnessed, suffered or inflicted so that they can protect themselves against further damage. But this only allows them to continue inflicting pain on others and to avoid truly […] Read more


Healing Gratitude Practice

Healing Gratitude Practice

Gratitude and love are extremely healing energies. They may be the most healing energies we have available to us. By accessing these energies consciously on a regular basis, we enhance our awareness of them and increase their availability to us. We are more able to keep these energies as our main point of focus and […] Read more

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Cure or Healing?

It can be challenging to understand and explain the difference between healing and curing. As healers and human beings, we often get caught in the desire for the immediate pain and discomfort to go away, whether that discomfort belongs to us or another. The focus of most medicine and healing work in the world today […] Read more