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Why Doing Reiki When You Feel Bad is the Best Thing You Can Do

Article by Sierra Koch

Getting attuned to Reiki can be tough. All sort of things start coming out of the woodwork for you to work on energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You get overwhelmed. Perhaps even decide “Reiki must not be that great if it made me feel this bad”. So maybe you decide to stop using Reiki altogether.

The problem is, Reiki helps you break through the problems and by not working with Reiki you’re hindering your own healing. Reiki is gentle, but it might not feel like that at times. When you feel “bad” Reiki is absolutely the best thing to do and let me tell you why.

Ask Reiki to flow and place your hands on yourself. If there is a place that hurts and you can reach it then place your hands there. Notice that the pain starts to subside, or perhaps it doesn’t. I’ve been in that boat many many times. But Reiki didn’t abandoned me, it helped me cope better.

For example, when I have a stomach upset, Reiki helps me mentally and emotionally while my body purges what needs to be purged. Reiki is with me so that I’m not a sobbing mess the whole time.

Why Doing Reiki When You Feel Bad is the Best Thing You Can Do

Image by bykst

Deciding to not Reiki because you feel bad makes no sense. Didn’t you get attuned to help you feel better? To heal yourself? Why then abandon Reiki when it can help? And it can help with everything, even the symptoms of your attunement if you have any. The key is to work with Reiki. The key is to realize that this is healing, it’s not all beautiful and that any type of energy healing is probably going to bring up the same uncomfortable results.

Reiki opens you up to being able to work with all aspects of yourself. So how do you work with Reiki when you feel bad? You simply practice!

Ask Reiki to flow and place your hands on yourself. Release your expectations to what Reiki healing should look and feel like.

Evaluate where you are: how are you feeling Reiki work? Are you calmer? Are you less (or more) emotional? Are you psychically feeling better? Where are you spiritually on the subject? Is there pain anywhere?

Practice Reiki when you feel bad and see how much of a difference it will make. When you’re sick, hurting, grieving, overwhelmed, overworked, in pain, etc. If you’ve abandoned Reiki because you feel bad it can’t help you feel better unless you practice it. If only for today, even for a few moments.

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Sierra Koch
Sierra Koch

Sierra Koch is a Reiki Master Teacher whose passion in life is spreading the joy of Reiki. She shares her cheeky Reiki wisdom at her sacred spaces on the web Reiki Playground (reikiplayground.com) and Ignite Your Reiki Passion (igniteyourreikipassion.com). She invites you to learn how to play with your Reiki practice.

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  • simplypreeti January 26, 2017, 4:44 pm

    Can you please guide me if I can give reiki to a person with heart stent?
    It’s urgent, please reply soon

    • Sierra Koch January 26, 2017, 5:37 pm

      Reiki always helps for the highest and greatest good, so yes you csan send Reiki to someone with a heart stent.

  • Maranda February 2, 2017, 2:25 am

    I really appreciated this article! Thank you! At times things make themselves available to you just at the right time, that’s what I feel your article has done for me.

    • Sierra February 5, 2017, 9:30 pm

      Thanks Maranda! Glad it was useful 🙂

  • Veenna V Negglur February 10, 2017, 7:14 am

    Lovely and timely article. Many a times i get call from my students saying that Reiki isn’t working for them as it used to work before. Their wishes are not getting manifested or they got negative response for their wishes or after they started practicing Reki something or the other health problems has started cropping up (like sudden excessive hair fall and all,,,,)
    How do I explain them?
    Hoping for an early reply.
    Thanks and regards

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