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Increase Your Flow of Energy with Breathing Exercises

Meditating every morning is a practice that brings us health benefits and improves our performance during the day. We can choose different types of meditations. In this article, I propose a breathing technique or meditation and Reiki exercise to increase our ki, our energy. This exercise is used to increase ki before doing a group […] Read more

Cho Ku Rei: Get To Know It, Practice Using It

Also called ‘The Power Symbol’, Cho Ku Rei is one of the first symbols taught in Reiki and is used to finely tune and amplify the Reiki energy. It translates (roughly) to “Placing all the powers of the universe here”. It looks a little like an antenna and coil – the antenna to pick up […] Read more

Reiki for Exploring Divine Femininity

Recently, I have been reading and searching about chakras. Chakras are energy centres of our body. Daily practice of Reiki chakra cleansing and charging helps to explore divine femininity or can be the first step towards exploring divine femininity. In my article Reiki for Divine Guidance, you will find information about the practice of Reiki […] Read more

7 Convenient Ways of Aura Strengthening

Do you often feel drained or exhausted during your day? Have you frequently experienced uneasiness in the middle of the crowd? Do you easily surrender to sickness and find it difficult to get better? The underlying problem could be your weak auric field. However, there’s nothing to worry about in a case of weak aura […] Read more

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Promoting Fluid Intelligence with Reiki

The current COVID 19 pandemic has shaken the world immensely. Besides the strict lockdowns and several advisories by various governments, almost everyone is now worrying about its impact on the future of mankind. There is a dark shadow of economic uncertainty besides of course social and psychological impact that could upset the old order of […] Read more