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Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation

Clear and Recalibrate Your Chakras We all know that eating well and resting well are keys to long life and health. But as Reiki enthusiasts, we also know that even with the ‘perfect’ diet, stress management and sleep routines if our bio-electrical energy (also known as life-force, Ki or Chi) is out-of-balance or lacking, then […] Read more

Gassho Meditation: Mikao Usui’s Gift

Gassho meditation was given by Mikao Usui to his Reiki students to help them develop their Reiki and personal development skills, and is most often taught to students at Reiki 1 level. However, it is to be used throughout your life as a means of developing your Reiki and improving your life generally. Gassho is […] Read more

Six Steps to Creating Powerful Reiki Infused Guided Meditations

If you’re looking to create a guided meditation for a specific healing quality and infuse it with Reiki, try following these six steps. Below is a short guide to creating your own quality, guided meditations that you can customise exactly to suit your circumstances and get the best possible results. Best of all, you can […] Read more

Meditation Exercise with the Energy of the Symbols

This is an exercise of meditation and connection with the energy of Reiki symbols to use the symbol that gives you the most appropriate vibration for your energy state of the day. This means that we are going to meditate briefly and ask ourselves, How am I today? Find a quiet place to work on […] Read more

Detachment - Meditation to Let Go!

Do you have a hard time detaching with people whom you need the least in your life? This dependency on your ‘source of love’ can be either fruitful or harm your soul as you move along in life. The stigma with detachment is that it is ‘insensitive’. But remember one thing that detaching from something […] Read more