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DNA Strands Activation and Hidden Codes - Spiritual Number 55

As per Quantum physics past, present and future all exist simultaneously and the concept of time is an illusion. We, humans, are part of this Cosmos, human beings are multidimensional personalities, not only existing in a 3D world that comprises of height, width and length along with additional dimension that is Time, but also human […] Read more

Miraculous Reiki Healing Protection in Legal Issues

Reiki healing is such a powerful and positive energy which works like magic. I am just sharing my healing experience, power & miracle of distance Reiki healing of a boy, living in South Africa, badly trapped in bad company, followed by police arrest and legal battle and successfully coming out of all the bad phases. […] Read more

Do I Pick Up Karma When I Heal for Free?

One of the most common questions I receive from students is whether they pick up karma from others when they heal them, especially when it is free. Some go a step further to ask whether we pick up good karma or bad karma when we do this. But before we begin, what is karma? Karma […] Read more


10 Steps to Work with Angels

10 Steps to Work with Angels

These are some steps to be connected with Angels, to work with them, to speak to them. Step 1- Make a place in your life to Angels. If you want them into your life you need to make your world similar to theirs (with your thoughts, feelings, environment…) Angels feel comfortable with peace and love […] Read more

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