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It’s a doubt we’ve all been through… There’s this calling to support the healing process of others and the world itself through our innate gifts but something might hold us back and make us fear our contribution thinking we can pick up energies that do not belong to us, energies that may disturb our energy […] Read more


Resolving Karmic Patterns

Resolving Karmic Patterns

Karma is often looked at with dread and fear. We are taught to view it as a sword dangling above our heads ready to strike the moment we slip up. In our current time and age, the energetic frequency is shifting rapidly – which means that we have more opportunities than ever to uncover the […] Read more

The Spinal Breathing (Sekizui Joka Ibuki-ho) Method

Sekizui = spine Joka = purification, cleanse Ibuki = breathe Ho = method This method was introduced by Hiroshi Doi. In Japan, they say that the spinal is the register of our karma, as it records and stores negative actions from a person´s life, for that it can be unbalanced and it needs to be […] Read more

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DNA Strands Activation and Hidden Codes - Spiritual Number 55

As per Quantum physics past, present and future all exist simultaneously and the concept of time is an illusion. We, humans, are part of this Cosmos, human beings are multidimensional personalities, not only existing in a 3D world that comprises of height, width and length along with additional dimension that is Time, but also human […] Read more

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