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My Journey with Cho Ku Rei

My Journey with Cho Ku Rei

Hello Beautiful Souls! I am back with my next article, and that’s my journey with the symbol Cho Ku Rei – also known as the power symbol. As per traditional meaning, Cho Ku Rei is the power button and also is used for protection as well as to increase the flow of energies among a […] Read More

The Jewel Is In the Lotus - Number 44

The 7 main chakras with their currently popular names, their number of petals or segments, their currently assigned colors, and their traditional Hindu colors Chakra Petals / Segments Color(current) Traditional color Crown Chakra 960 or 971 or 1000 Violet or White Brow Chakra 2or96 Indigo or Violet Luminescent Blue or White Throat Chakra 16 Blue […] Read More

Combining Reiki with Numerology

Article by Corie Chu Numerology came from ancient times, most notably through the work of Pythagoras. It used to take hours to create a birth chart, but just like everything else, Numerology has evolved and now it takes just minutes to create a birth chart. The Numerology system that I primarily work with was in […] Read More


Reiki: A Pathway to our Soul

Reiki: A pathway to our Soul

Article by Tracey Matthews Our connection to Universal energy is what nourishes and restores us and that’s why we function better when we heal. However, this connection also leads us to our Soul purpose where we can experience another aspect of vital force energy by unlocking our true soul level potential. The Akashic Records are life […] Read More


Reiki Healing and Karma

Reiki healing & karma

Article by Sunita Gupta Is it possible that a Reiki healer acquires the bad karma of the person whom he heals? It is known that disease or dis + ease occurs in the body when there is an imbalance in the flow of vital force or energy due to some blockage or disruption in the […] Read More

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