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Why People Do Not Heal?

Why do people not heal

I’ve seen a few cases where no matter how much Reiki is sent, the person wouldn’t get significantly better. There were also cases where the client would get better much faster than anticipated and then as soon as the Reiki sessions stopped, he would slip into the same problem… and then I faced the question: […] Read more

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When Miracles Do Not Happen

When Miracles Do Not Happen

When the new client told me how excited she was to experience Reiki, as her best friend’s tumor disappeared after one Reiki session, I did not know if I should be excited – or scared! While I believe Reiki has created many miracles, I also know an expectation of a miracle can be a setup […] Read more


The Mechanics of Reiki Healing


People often wonder if Reiki can cure life threatening illnesses or even illnesses that are of a less severe nature. Many believe that it is some kind of a magic pill that one just swallows and then miraculously recovers from seemingly hopeless maladies. To clarify, this notion of Reiki being a magic pill is one […] Read more


Reiki as Preventative Medicine

Reiki is excellent to use as a healing method for illness and injury. It helps heal mental and emotional wounds and promotes deep inner peace. It can deepen our spirituality, regardless of our religious affiliation. It helps to create balance in our lives and smooth out the rough spots. However, Reiki is often neglected as […] Read more


Intuition and Healing

Intuition is that voice inside us that guides us. It is an inner sense of what would be best for us in our current life situation. It is there to guide and direct us in our choices and decisions, our relationships and our healing. Intuition is a sense we are given with which to perceive […] Read more

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