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Why People Do Not Heal?

Article by Sudha Wadhwani

I’ve seen a few cases where no matter how much Reiki is sent, the person wouldn’t get significantly better. There were also cases where the client would get better much faster than anticipated and then as soon as the Reiki sessions stopped, he would slip into the same problem… and then I faced the question: Why do people not heal?

Before we answer the question, we need to answer why does a person need healing in the first place. Unless you don’t need healing, you are not going to heal.

So why do people need healing?

Physical diseases, mental stress and illnesses, spiritual blockages, emotional blocks and build up. These are the broad categories that any reason could fit into… but the real question still remains unanswered – why do these issues need healing?

When we face these circumstances we feel a change from how we normally feel. If it’s a physical problem – then we feel physically different. If it’s a mental discomfort, we feel uneasy. It’s the change in feeling that the brain reacts to and asks for a solution to go back to being what it regarded to as normal.

Going back to “normal” can be done in several ways. Either one targets the symptoms, or the issue, or the root cause of the issue. For example, a child has recurrent fevers – we can either treat the temperature each time it occurs, or we prevent the fever each time it is anticipated, or we can look for what causes the fever and work at that level.

Why do people not heal

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When we talk about healing, we must understand healing is not the same as curing or treating. In an injury, curing would ensure the injury is as good as nonexistent. A treatment would ensure multiple sessions which continuously reduce the effects of the injury. And healing would occur once the wound is not troublesome. The injury will continue to stay, but as a reminder to help you evolve. It is easy to say curing is the best way out, but when the injury becomes nonexistent – it fails to do its job. The job being a reminder of how to make wiser decisions the next time. Therefore, there is a possibility the injury may happen again due to repetitive behavior patterns. But of course, each course of action has its own benefits.

Now that we’ve established that healing is just ensuring that issues do not become troublesome… Why do people not heal?

Many times our bodies do not accept scars as normal. They refer to their previous existence as normal. What we fail to identify is that any issue we face currently is a manifestation of our behavior, thought patterns, emotions, karmic contracts, and lifestyle – the list is not an exhaustive one, but these factors capture the essence. When either of these things is not aligned for our highest good, it sends signals to the soul that this is not how things are meant to happen… and there you have your issue.

These issues are merely an indicator, either we change and adopt a method to be in line with our soul or we suffer. A lot of times people will change and move on, but the minute their “normal” is restored, they will go back to their old self and eventually face the same problem again. They are not ready to move a certain way and their soul isn’t willing to move the other way.

There are other times, where people will not even believe that they can heal. If this is the thought pattern, then the healing sent to them also will bounce off if not manifest the thought.

Of course, this is a very simplistic view on the whole matter. There are also karmic records that must be balanced. This can also lead to why people do not react to any healing sent to them.

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Sudha Wadhwani
Sudha Wadhwani

Sudha Wadhwani is a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Karuna®, Karmic and AcuReiki. Her journey with Reiki began in 2012 and she started practicing it professionally in 2016. She has worked with several cases of cancer, vision, immunity and physical pain. You can connect with her on www.facebook.com/swhealingnmore/ and on swhealingandmore@gmail.com.

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