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After #MeToo: Reiki for Rape Recovery

Article by Anne Lauren I had arrived late and in a great rush. I parked in the first available spot, sprinted to the door, punched in the code, and ran up the steep staircase so common in San Francisco architecture. I stumbled clumsily into an open room with a variety of closed doors perplexed at which […] Read more


Can Reiki Prevent Illness?

Can Reiki Prevent Illness

Frequently, Reiki practitioners are asked if Reiki can cure a certain disease for which a family member, friend, or client has been given a diagnosis. Certainly, Reiki has manifested some physical cures, and other times, not. Perhaps, the better question is whether or not Reiki can prevent illnesses. Here are some ideas to consider: Reiki […] Read more

There Are Many Paths to Healing including illness

There are many paths to healing. Including illness. Does that surprise you? Does it sound like a contradiction? It is so easy to fall into the thought that healing means something specific. We can begin to think we will feel happy all the time, or that we never have pain. That we will be cured […] Read more

Healing Illness in Five Steps

What is an Illness? Illnesses are patterns of distorted energy. The degree of distortion corresponds with the severity of the ailment. In the case of a common cold or a tension headache, the degree of distortion can be considered relatively mild. It may be stronger in the case of conditions like hypertension and diabetes and […] Read more


The Mind Body Connection

Mind Body connection

A scientific fact and spiritual truth that supports one another is that our psychology becomes our biology, or put another way what we believe to be true becomes our reality in mind, body and spirit. Medical science refers to this process as the mind body connection where the quality of our thoughts and beliefs has […] Read more