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Healing Illness in Five Steps

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

What is an Illness?

Illnesses are patterns of distorted energy. The degree of distortion corresponds with the severity of the ailment. In the case of a common cold or a tension headache, the degree of distortion can be considered relatively mild. It may be stronger in the case of conditions like hypertension and diabetes and really high in the case of ailments like heart disease and cancer. Physical illness can occur because of one of the following:

• Choice – Many people choose to take on illnesses as part of their learning and soul’s life path. Yet others choose them in order to avoid facing certain aspects in them that need healing.
• Karmic – Physical conditions of the congenital and genetic kind are usually karmic in nature. Indirectly, this is also the result of choice but is more complex in nature.

We cannot dispute the fact that some individuals have experienced miraculous healings from illness. But for the average person, healing physical conditions is often more challenging than healing other kinds of issues. This is so because for a distorted pattern to turn into an illness, it must linger long enough in one’s energy field. Therefore, there are multiple factors that need healing – some of which are obvious and some not so obvious.

Significance of Illness

The body uses illness as a means to give us messages and to get our attention. These messages are to do with areas of our lives that need healing. When we view illness in this light, we will not feel the need to fight it anymore. We can instead accept it and treat it as an ally in our journey towards healing. When we understand the body’s messages and implement the necessary changes in our lives, the process of physical healing is initiated.

If you suffer from any physical condition – be it a troublesome non-threatening condition or a more debilitating one- you would benefit by being an active participant in your own healing. Medical treatments are an external source of support and become necessary in many cases. You can simultaneously play a role in healing yourself by harnessing your internal source of strength and power. While modern medical treatments play an invaluable role in supporting your physical body, energy healing will help support the multidimensional aspects of your being. It is important that you receive every level of support you can get- medical as well as energetic.

Healing Illness in Five Steps

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Here is a five step approach to physical healing. In case you are on medication or other kinds of supportive treatment, you MUST NOT stop medication or make changes to your treatment protocol without consulting your physician. We all have the power to heal but learning to harness it takes inner skill, time and effort. So, it makes sense to continue seeking external support until we reach a stage in our collective human evolution that facilitates effortless healing.

Here we go:

  1. Exercise your Will Power – No remedy or healing technique can help someone who chooses to be sick. It is hard to imagine that someone would want to get sick. And while no one would consciously affirm to get sick, subconsciously they can. The fact is that illness does have payoffs for many people. A few years ago, two people I know developed major health issues- one a cardiac condition and the other cancer. I was rather shocked when each of them expressed that they were glad they could take off from work and relax for a few months, thanks to their health! While we cannot conclude that this was the sole reason for their condition, it does offer some clues about their mental makeup. Our mental makeup (mental body) is very much part of our energy field. As we all know, imbalances in the energy field gradually result in imbalances in the physical body. So, in order to heal any physical condition, you must first develop the will to heal it and be one hundred percent sure that you want to heal.
  2. Figure out Root Cause – Once you have your will in place, try your best to get to the root cause of the condition. The card deck “Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards” by Doreen Virtue and Louise Hay’s book “Heal your Body” are very helpful in tracing the root cause of physical conditions. A card reading is more specific and if done properly, you can be certain of its accuracy. In Louise’s book, you will need to browse through the information chart and figure out which pattern relates most with your condition. Choose the pattern that you strongly identify with and get to work on healing it.
  3. Take Corrective Action – Once you arrive at the root cause, make a conscious effort to work on healing the pattern. For instance, if the root cause of your physical condition is to do with control issues, work on letting go of the need to control everyone and everything. Try to relax and flow with life. Reiki can help you implement this positive change in your life. Whenever you give yourself Reiki, use the mental-emotional symbol to program your energy field with your empowering new choices. Program yourself every day until you notice a positive change. Angel enthusiasts can work with Archangel Raphael, who helps with physical healing. Request Raphael to work on you while you relax or sleep. Request him to help you let go of this pattern and to heal yourself completely.

  4. Talk to your Body – The body is an inherently intelligent system. The cells of the body are alive and filled with wisdom. They go to great lengths to keep the body working in perfect order. Disease occurs when the cells are stressed to such an extent that they forget what they are naturally meant to do. Once you begin to take corrective action (step 3), begin a conversation with your body (or body part). Talk to it like you would talk to a friend. Say, “My Dear Body, I am now aware of the aspects of my life that are not working. I am taking corrective measures to set them right. Thank you for bringing this to my awareness through these symptoms. You can now get back to your natural state of perfect health and harmony.” Also, request it to begin healing. For this, you can place your hand over the body (or body part) and say “HEAL” in a tone that is commanding yet kind. This will help the body know that you are serious about healing.
  5. Let go and Trust – Finally, surrender to the process. Do not keep checking on whether the condition is healing. You have done your part. So, just be confident that you will heal. Trying to force a healing can create more blocks along the way. Keep doing what you need to do and then let go. Trust that when you have the will to heal, you will be supported by the Universe and by your own body. When you take responsibility, you will also be guided if there is something more you need to do to heal yourself. Trust that healing will occur in divine timing.

If you need additional help with trusting the process, recite the following verse to invoke Raphael’s healing energies. Alternately, write it on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow while you sleep. Recite the words with power, passion and a strong will. Feel the truth in these words and affirm that this truth is your reality.

In the light of Raphael,
My body is healed.
In the light of Raphael,
My mind is healed.
In the light of Raphael,
My emotions are healed
In the light of Raphael,
I invite health and harmony into my entire Being
In the light of Raphael,
I trust.
Thank you Raphael.


Haripriya Suraj
Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya Suraj is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer and Starseed Lightworker. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. She is deeply connected with the Stars and Angels and they form an integral part of her Reiki practice. Her core mission is to help bridge the worlds of Spirit and Science and to help Lightworkers connect with their unique soul missions. Haripriya offers Personalised Starseed Transmissions, apart from workshops in Reiki and Angel Healing. She resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at lightworkersonearth.com, empoweredmedicine-hospitaldiaries.com on email at angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com and on Facebook at Angel Light.

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  • Shubhada June 3, 2015, 11:59 am

    Beautiful Article Haripriya…. Loved it

  • Rhiannon Fennell August 4, 2015, 8:25 am

    This theory is interesting, but does not explain disease and illness in babies and young children.

    • KacieDJ February 11, 2020, 3:27 pm

      Look into Akashic Records. That will explain it to you.

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    Thankyou so much Haripriya.. love the article.

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    Thank you! I have reiki 1 and do self healing and have Louise Hay book. Am trying to reverse prediabetic with diet and exercise. Will try this to !!

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    Wow! I read the article and felt as it it was written specifically for me. Thanks for a very informative piece. I intend to follow the advice

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    I just now saw this article. Yes, yes and YES! Love it. ❤

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    Lovely article -to the point n v practical . kudos to u ..keep writg ..stay blessed

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    Thanks for this article…in my case this is true that I have to learn to let go of the need to control everything …so helpful for me and everyone ..thank you.

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    The method you have told is so simple but so effective.god bless for d lovely article.

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