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New Moon Transmission from Lord Ganesha

Dear Souls, Every obstacle you face is like a rock that comes in the way of an ant crossing a garden path. The rock seems like a huge obstacle to the little ant. But to a bird overhead, it is no obstacle at all. The bird can see across the rock and discover the beauty […] Read more

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Self PLR via Reiki

After my first article on PLR, I was asked one question “Can I do it for myself?” and the answer is: Yes, however the process slightly differs! Before you start, I would strongly suggest you have a purpose. My purpose was to trace one of my current physical ailments in to my past lives, the […] Read more


Raise Your Vibration Meditation


Meditation – A beautiful spiritual practice to be enjoyed throughout the day as well as In meditation. Why meditate, how to meditate, what should I be feeling? Why meditate As well as the perfect platform from which to do distance healing, it will help you to be a more connected healer in every way. It will help you […] Read more

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Being One with Self

Being one with self

Often we have heard we are a soul with a body, and not body with a soul. What makes us is our soul which is our spirit. We are defined by the purity of our soul and not by our external appearances, and this holds true for all living things on this planet! Hence when […] Read more

Reiki, Third Eye and Higher Guidance

As we progress on the Reiki path, we encounter many changes within ourselves. We also witness several aspects of our lives undergoing a positive shift. Reiki helps us open up to the truth of our divinity and innate potential. One significant development that is experienced by many on the path is that their ability to […] Read more

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