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I Forgave and I Became Grateful

More often people ask me why do I keep posting and talking about forgiveness and gratitude. It is because through gratitude and forgiveness I got the chance to return to who I am and to expand in my own light. My journey with forgiveness and gratitude started 7 years ago, two years before getting attuned […] Read more

Full Moon Channelled Message from Archangel Michael and Jesus

Archangel Michael Dear Ones, Walking the healing path means being willing to leave the old behind as you encounter new territory. Leaving the old behind can feel fearful and uncomfortable. Your old fears, suffocating patterns, outdated beliefs, stagnant working conditions and dysfunctional aspects of relationships are now rotten beyond recognition. Though they are rotten, they […] Read more

Archangel Reiki Healing for Miscarriage

The path to pregnancy is indeed an enlightening one. A soul that has been constantly craving nourishment is now the provider. No one can really figure out the variety of emotions a mother goes through during pregnancy. It’s precious, it’s miraculous and emotional for sure. The joy that builds day by day with each passing […] Read more

Lessons Learnt and Solstice Rituals

The year is almost getting over. 2018 was a year of massive learnings. Time to acknowledge the awesome magic we created and express some gratitude. Also, time to move on and forgive if things didn’t work that well. This is a powerful activity one can do on 21st Dec ie the winter solstice (summer solstice […] Read more

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Archangel Zadquiel and Releasing your Ancestors

Zadquiel is the guardian of Karma, for that he keeps the files and registers from people’s past lives, not only from every person but also from the human collective, from each community… He tries to resolve people’s karmic loads as his energy is related to forgiveness law. He runs the violet angels and transmutes the […] Read more

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