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Lessons Learnt and Solstice Rituals

The year is almost getting over. Was a year of massive learnings. Time to acknowledge the awesome magic we created and express some gratitude. Also, time to move on and forgive if things didn’t work that well. This is a powerful activity one can do on the winter solstice (summer solstice if you are in […] Read more

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Archangel Zadquiel and Releasing your Ancestors

Zadquiel is the guardian of Karma, for that he keeps the files and registers from people’s past lives, not only from every person but also from the human collective, from each community… He tries to resolve people’s karmic loads as his energy is related to forgiveness law. He runs the violet angels and transmutes the […] Read more

How to Phrase Healing Intentions Better and Reiki Box Tip

Are you familiar with the power of words? How these have energetic signatures? How they’re potent methods to speak and reprogram your subconscious? It’s no surprise that mantras and affirmations have become popular. Even when channeling Reiki, carefully written out scripts are continuously rehearsed and improved upon. Maybe before proceeding with this article, you could […] Read more


Reiki Meditation for Over Thinkers

Reiki Meditation for Over Thinkers

The way we live our lives these days causes us to lose control. We want to do a lot but no energy is left by then because of excessive thoughts. Today we do this session for the Over-Thinkers who have a tendency to manipulate their own minds to outperform unnecessary challenges. Today I share the […] Read more

10 Signs on Distinguishing Twin Flame from Other Relationships

After my previous article on Reiki Rays Twin Flames and Twin Flame Reiki, many had asked me to cite more differences between twin flames and other relationships. Here, I have tried my best to list the differences, compiling various experiences, plus my channelling. I would request you to please honour the calling within for identifying your twin […] Read more

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