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Placing Healing Intentions in Food with Reiki

You have probably heard of sending Reiki to your food as a means of blessing it and raising its energy vibration before you eat it. This is a way of taking in a little extra Reiki energy via your food and it also has the benefit of shifting you into a state of gratitude prior […] Read more


Reiki Place Mats

Reiki Healthy Food

Article by Vimi Karnik Have you ever wondered asking Universe for manifesting your intentions by giving Reiki to the objects that you use in your day to day life? By incorporating Reiki in our day to day life and sometimes for most mundane jobs, we increase the flow of Reiki through us and around us. Infusing […] Read more

Reiki for your travel

I am a hard core traveller so I travel quite often. Sometimes solo, sometimes with friends or family. So I give Reiki to my travel every time I step out. This topic is very close to my heart and I have been practising it regularly. I have been seeing great results for my travel using […] Read more

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Reiki and Vegetarianism

Article by Ricci Nava I was born and raised in a very large and close family. In my family, food plays a leading role. Any family event (birthdays, baptisms, marriages, academic achievements and materials, welcomes, goodbyes, etc.) is always held around food. This culture full of gathering with family and / or friends, represents for me […] Read more


A Simple Reiki Food Ritual

A Simple Reiki Food Ritual

Reiki can be useful in so many ways, one of which is energizing the food we eat. You know the old expression about food being “cooked with love” right? Well, there’s a lot of truth to it. Everything picks up the vibrational frequency we give it, for better or worse. So we might as well […] Read more

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