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Reiki Will Change Your Life

Reiki Will Change Your Life

Article by Neil Burgess “Reiki will change your life” these were the words that my Reiki master whispered to me on my first attunement over 2 decades ago. My Reiki Master, Katherine Knox, passed away a long time ago but I can still hear her quietly saying those words in my ear. This quote is […] Read more

Healing of the Healer Distance Healing Demystified

Article by Tonya Godin Embracing the ability to receive can be empowering! To accept the release of the ‘driver’s seat’ is incredibly liberating! To take hold of this action, we accept and enact movement. As an intuitive and healer, I am in touch with my entire energy/physical body. When my body ‘tells’ me it requires […] Read more

Use Your Reiki Superpower to Stay Strong Against COVID-19

In these days when we need protection from the virus and calm to deal with life’s uncertainty, we need all remember that we have the key to immunity and serenity right in our very hands. Reiki energy is our all in one solution. During this difficult time we may experience the struggles of COVID – […] Read more

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Balancing Your Chakras During A Global Outbreak

When fear is in the air. News media is bombarding us with live updates of the COVID19 global outbreak 24/7. Who do we turn to in times of despair and distress? There are several do’s and don’ts including social distancing suggested by WHO and other government organisations across the world. Reiki healers from around the […] Read more

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Case Study: Going Beyond Inhibitions to Heal Others with Reiki

As a Reiki Master, I truly enjoy teaching Reiki classes and offering healing sessions. I feel immense gratitude towards this divine energy every day, especially when people experience miracles and their faith and hope are restored. This time I was amazed to witness a beautiful healing experienced by an elderly woman who was feeling lonely […] Read more

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