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Being vs. Doing Reiki

Being vs. Doing Reiki

From Usui Reiki, the end goal is not to be giving or doing Reiki, it’s to simply BE Reiki. As Reiki is the infinite source of life/love found within every living being, there is no reason to think you need to start giving Reiki, because you ARE Reiki. If you weren’t Reiki you’d be dead. […] Read more


Divine Blessings Shakti

Divine Blessings Shakti

This is a simple yet effective modality by Jean Myrner. I was introduced to the system by Suvam Bhowal. This modality acts as an all-rounder as it helps in bringing forth pure love, peace, truth and harmony needed in healing. To learn this modality no pre-requisite is needed and one can learn and use it. […] Read more

Reiki for Positive Change and Balance

Being attuned to Reiki helps us to connect to the universe in a way that can be wonderful, we become more sensitive to the energy, feeling and vibration of others, individually and collectively. I am sure I am not alone in sensing collective human anguish and anxiety at the moment. About our politics, the environment, […] Read more

Magic Reiki – An Instant Shield from Negativity

Reiki fascinated me when I was a level I student and continues to do so even after I became a master. Though I practice Karuna Reiki®, I have learned many forms of Reiki like Money Reiki, Seichem Reiki, Tiger Reiki, etc., as and when my life situations guided me to. The latest form I learned […] Read more

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Making the Connection for Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is really not an accurate term. I believe it would be more accurate to call it Connection Reiki. When a practitioner “sends distance Reiki” what they are actually doing is tapping into their connection with a person or situation despite the physical distance and/or linear time. As a Unitarian Universalist, the seventh principle […] Read more

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