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distance healing

Magic Reiki – An Instant Shield from Negativity

Reiki fascinated me when I was a level I student and continues to do so even after I became a master. Though I practice Karuna Reiki®, I have learned many forms of Reiki like Money Reiki, Seichem Reiki, Tiger Reiki, etc., as and when my life situations guided me to. The latest form I learned […] Read more

Making the Connection for Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is really not an accurate term. I believe it would be more accurate to call it Connection Reiki. When a practitioner “sends distance Reiki” what they are actually doing is tapping into their connection with a person or situation despite the physical distance and/or linear time. As a Unitarian Universalist, the seventh principle […] Read more

“Perfect Body” through Reiki

I was once surfing my Instagram profile and there was a beautiful quote I came across: to have a beach body you need to be at a beach and have a body! It was simple, funny yet such a deep and profound quote. We keep criticizing our body and our self for not being good […] Read more

How to Deal with Criticisms as a Reiki Healer?

Criticisms aren’t welcome in our day-to-day life. We generally feel triggered to react rather than respond when being criticized. It’s only natural for us to feel mixed emotions towards such encounters. On the contrary, the life path of a Reiki healer has its own highs and lows to serve the higher purpose. More often you’re […] Read more

You're the Storyteller not the Story

Article by Vicky Roncero I have been a television writer/producer for over twenty-five years, with most of that experience in children’s television. Storytelling and writing have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was convinced that this was my passion and my calling. But, I had no idea how […] Read more

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