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Healing of the Healer – Distance Healing Demystified

Article by Tonya Godin

Embracing the ability to receive can be empowering! To accept the release of the ‘driver’s seat’ is incredibly liberating! To take hold of this action, we accept and enact movement.

As an intuitive and healer, I am in touch with my entire energy/physical body. When my body ‘tells’ me it requires rebalancing & nurturing, I S.T.O.P., (See. Treat. Openness. Process.)*(1) and listen. I see that I have become imbalanced. Treatment can take the form of fasting, ‘hibernating’ (spending time alone resting), cold river bathing, herbs, plant medicine, earthing, bodywork, or energy healing.

As sentient beings, it’s important to self-regulate and act as soon as something feels ‘off’. Caring for our energetic body and our physical vessel is an ongoing process for all of us. Thus, for me, to remain in the flow as a way-shower and healing practitioner, I create time to be nurtured and looked after. It is with this creation of space/time that I share a slice of my life with you.

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In openness and vulnerability, I booked a distance energy healing session with a dear soul sister and colleague, Anne-Marie. After booking, I marked my calendar in eager anticipation.

As a colleague, I worked with beautiful Anne-Marie as we were part of a wonderful conscious collective at Tidal Elements, Healing Arts Studio, in the heart of Vernon, Okanagan, BC. We also attended Gregg Braden’s From Cell To Soul 4 day Conference. Anne-Marie is highly in tune as a Being of Light and is educated as a Reiki Teacher/Master & Registered Craniosacral Therapist. I always found her to be fully connected and vibrating within consciousness beyond time/space.

What is Distance Healing?

Simply, it is to allow oneself to ‘plug in’ or tune in through wholeness. We are part of the unified field. As we connect with specific intent, there are 3 components to this healing:

  • One, to access the field of consciousness
  • Two, to locate instantaneously the receiver of the healing energy
  • Three, to channel this universal healing through and forwards

This healing energy is through the heart of our unified consciousness. It is Reiki. Within, it created a feedback loop, raising the vibration for the receiver and for the channeler (healer). Distance healing brings all into harmony again. When we create these conscious connections with pure intent to release what no longer serves us and embrace our shifts, we are forever changed.

Healing of the Healer Distance Healing Demystified

What my session ‘looked/felt like’ & Merkabah

It was with this wholeness and conscious connection through heart and mind, I opened to releasing what no longer served and embrace the shifts awaiting and humming to come through. On my side of the portal’, I created the place in my bedroom. Knowing that whatever time it was in Anne-Marie’s home, 500 kilometers away, she and I simultaneously exist in the now moment through our shared intention. The portal is just one way to visualize it. We transcend the outdated, linear, 3D understanding of space/time.

In setting up my receiving place, I chose my bedroom. My crystal grid is there in my bedroom, among other scared objects that support the most sacred object, the embodiment of ‘my’ existence as me! My window propped open to fresh air and music, lightly playing. The CD of music I had chosen was Matthew Kocel’s Grace. I had my Selenite Orb beside me on the bed. Anne-Marie and I touched base through phone call prior to the healing and then I lay down following our call.

There is a poem by Rumi, the great 13th century Sufi Master, which resonates. My favourite line from this poem is: Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there. To me, this equates with my experience(s) with Distance Healing. There is no time, no space, no here, no there. It all just is. It is a place where judgement is suspended and only purity of instantaneous understanding and conscious knowing, like telepathy, exist. To help you as the reader to contextualize this, know that science is available to explain. For example, in 1905, Albert Einstein published his Special Theory of Relativity which shattered all principles concept of Newtonian world view. According to relativity theory, space is not three dimensional, and time is not a separate entity. Both are intimately connected and form a four-dimensional continuum, ‘space-time’. Since this place in our known history, further advancements have occurred and are slowly making their way into our classroom literature and university curriculums and mainstream consciousness. As with anything, change is not swallowed overnight in one gulp. We, humans, have resistance to change and yet it seems to be the only universal constant. The flow.

Being in the flow, I immediately felt myself in an utter state calm. Happiness was my emotional state. I felt caring and warm gentleness surrounding me. I ‘dropped’ into my breath. Staying with my breath, I began to drop deeper into relaxation. I went immediately to a place with Anne-Marie where I was in a field of bright light. The colour gold was all around us supporting the healing. I became aware of a warm energy flowing through my body. Anne-Marie said (mind to mind transmission-telepathy), “I’ll wait here and hold the door open; you do what you need to do.”

I instantly found myself in a space with brilliant energy. There was a ‘spot’, I will call it, that was darker, denser, and not vibrating in unison with the rest of the light-coloured atmosphere. I knew that it was being ‘handled’ and nothing I needed to concern my self with. A smaller being, about 2 feet tall showed up, helpful in nature. This being had Earthen energy. The helper offered to journey alongside me as I went deeper in. I was aware that my breathing was coming deeper, slower. All grew brilliant white in lighting, almost milky dense white. A tall, willowy Being approached, much larger than the helper. This radiant energy being, floating and graceful was striking in that the ‘eyes’ were large liquid pools of dark Light. I was taken to a control room of sorts.

Everywhere there were Merkabah*(2) of light, glowing in the center. There was a welcoming feeling of homecoming. Feminine/masculine energy was within them all. The Masculine was the up-facing part and the feminine was the down-facing part. So co-joined within their bases in the center of the Merkabah space vehicle, ‘legs’ intertwined in lotus positions. Within the Merkabah, the energy was in a constant state of flow ‘humming’ in dynamic illumination. Suddenly, there was an explosion of massive glow emanating from the center core of me, like I exploded from within. I felt power surge through me on a physical and energetic level. This resulted in the output of many Merkabah in my ‘field of vision’.

“Quantum physicists discovered that the physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating; each atom is like a wobbly spinning top that radiates energy. Because each atom has its own specific energy signature (wobble) assemblies of atoms (molecules) collectively radiate their own identifying patterns. So, every material structure in the universe including you and me radiates a unique energy signature” – The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Pg. 88. I have the distinct impression, following my healing, that each one of the vortices Dr. Bruce Lipton refers to is a tiny Merkabah unto itself.

I felt a rush of tingly, powerful energy, beaming from me in all directions from my body. My base chakra was ticklish like there were many little lights flowing around within my pelvic to the sacral core. I also felt it from my energetic self in the ‘control room’, shine brilliantly from within. There was a special message downloaded into my consciousness, which I wrote down. Specific instructions for me that are simple yet direct.

Messages for All

In addition, I received teachings of nonduality while I was there and understandings of the experiences I was having of late. Experiences that I had been judging as harmful and not beneficial. I gained perception of these experiences as a part of the whole of my living. Thus, post healing, what was an issue before the distance session now had completely dissolved through receiving an eagle’s perspective. I received memories of infancy, star being’s presence and re-experienced with deep visceral awareness of the first moments of my children’s lives. Smells, feelings, awestruck post-birth rush.

Shared was a message of the importance of the 9-day cycle that will be emerging in our foreseeable future rather than the 7-day cycle. We have 9 main chakras or energy points, not the widely held and discussed 7. These extra 2 mains (1 above and 1 below) are co-connectors with the entire chain of living consciousness. “Each is part (of) and the whole is the beginning and the end of the other”. I was shown a symbol image that went with this message. It looks like an interlaying of a chain-link fence, all interlocked with the others, like our DNA chains. The linkage points are the extra 2 chakras, top and bottom. The ‘top of one’ is linked to the ‘bottom’ of the next and so on. Fascinating.

Overall, the healing was profound as much as it was enjoyable. As I slowly was brought back integrating fully into my body, on my bed with the fresh air and bird’s music singing through my open window, I was in utter peace. I felt the ocean. To allow for full processing, (refer to the anacronym S.T.O.P), I packed a lunch, water and went to the beach for the rest of the day. (Avoiding hectic running around, technology and cognitive Doing tasks is best post-Energy Healing. This allows for full integration of the healing, supporting the rewiring and new neural pathways you created through your experience. See neuroplasticity*(3) for more on this understanding)

At the beach, I lay in the sun and was graced by eagles everywhere. Their presence. Twice, three of the great Eagles flew so low over me. As I was laying there, listening to ocean waves roll in, I felt that I could reach up and touch their bellies. I felt the raw power and energy from their wings against my face. (As I am writing this, I am now only beginning to feel the utter amazement of this encounter. At that moment, I was in such a state of total acceptance for all that is, to have Eagles fly that low over me did not strike me as an out of the norm occurrence. It was all just bliss)

A Delicious Place: Quantum

Through more open sharing of Quantum science, we have arrived at a delicious place in our ever-transforming state of remembering. The Ancients, codes and codices are awakening within us. We are transforming, remembering who and what we are. It is remembering how to tap into the fullness of the expression of source, that is the field. A dear friend once shared with me, “Everything is within you”. Yes! So true.

Our hearts and brains are fully in cohesion. We are awakening and in concert with our entire mycelium-like nerve/chi energy network. There are those of us, human Beings, currently contributing to the massive shifts in consciousness as we remain open in a state of grace, awareness, and vulnerability. As leaders in our own self-regulation, we are remembering that you and I are part of the magnificent light of creation. As we all feel into our unique sovereign selves in physical and energetic balancing, we remember how each of us is an important part of One. I have a favourite saying, “The Healing of One is the Healing of All”. All that is needed it’s the willingness to just show up.

As for the ‘how does Distance Healing work?’, if there are any last doubts, I encourage you to book an appointment and receive it. Quantum theory states that ‘observation affects reality’ and that ‘an object can co-exist in more than one location’“At a deeper level of reality, particles are not individual entities but are extensions of the same fundamental something and everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected.” – Dr. David Bohm, physicist, and author of ‘The Implicate Order’.

Distance healing energy is successfully channeled from a healing practitioner (Anne-Marie) to a receiver (me) despite the long-distance because we are all connected. Science is now recognizing what mystics and our ancestors shared for many a millennium – we are infinitely interconnected and interdependent.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”
doesn’t make any sense.
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.”– Rumi

Born from this healing session were shifts, mirrors of inner truth, and gifts. The accompaniment to this article is Anne-Marie’s article entitled, Healing the Healer –  The Demystification of Distance Healing that I encourage you to read when it will be published on Reiki Rays website, as the similarities of our shared experience are significant.


1.*S.T.O.P. Anacronym for: See. Treat. Openness. Process. Visit www.aumakuahealing.ca for more info on self-care practices.

2.*The Merkabah is described as counter-rotating fields of light in the shape of two interlocked tetrahedra, where one point of the tetrahedra points up and the other points down, forming the shape of a star tetrahedron. Merkabah/Merkavah is derived from the Hebrew language meaning “chariot”. Broken down phonetically it means “light, body, spirit”. The bottom represents the feminine and the top represents masculine. The bottom spins counter-clockwise, as the top spins clockwise. There is so much more to the history/understanding of the Merkabah. Related to this article, you now have a contextualization for my experience during the Distance Healing.

3.*Neuroplasticity – or brain plasticity – is the ability of the brain to modify its connections or re-wire itself. theconversation.com/what-is-brain-plasticity-and-why-is-it-so-important-55967

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Tonya Godin

Tonya Godin

Tonya Godin RT/RP-CRA (Canadian Reiki Association) is the founder of Aumakua Healing Integrative Wellness. She is an accomplished Reiki Master/Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Certified Birthing Doula. With a background in Mental Health & Crisis Response Nursing, she believes strongly in integrative/complementary methods to healing.
Tonya’s passions are writing, beading and spending time alone by rivers, oceans and great forests. The land and water are ‘the first energy medicine’, she believes and we cannot be separated from our true nature, Earth.
You may contact Tonya at creation1love@gmail.com or through her website aumakuahealing.ca/

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