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Reiki and Candle Magic

Reiki and Candle Magic

As we all know Reiki is based on the “life force energy” that flows through us and around us. Reiki can be used in many ways with the accompaniment of many other modalities. One of the ways we can use Reiki energy is for manifestation, one of the ways I have mentioned before was Reiki […] Read more


Reiki and Angel/Tarot Cards

Reiki and Angel-Tarot Crads

Since learning angel and tarot cards, I have become highly addicted to them. I love doing angel/tarot reading for family and friends. And it gives me so much more confidence when I get positive feedback from them ☺ Here is the method I have adapted invoking Reiki with Angel/ Tarot cards: Prepare your altar or […] Read more

Candle Ritual with a Tinge of Reiki

The fire element has the mystical power that burns all your negativity and blockages, manifests your heart’s desires, and keeps evil eye at bay. The best way to make this mystical fiery power part of your life is through candles. When you think of fire, you think of dancing flames and when you think of […] Read more


Reiki Owl Meditation

Reiki Owl Meditation

When you notice an owl fly into your life pay attention. They come as a warning of someone around you being deceitful and offer you extra strength in seeing the truth of any situation. If you are confused about something or feel like you are trying to see something through a fog or haze then […] Read more


Spiritual Clean-up

Spiritual Clean-up

When I talk to people about Spiritual cleanup, they generally laugh at me (P.S: Energy healing practitioners ☹ ). I sometimes find my cluttered even though I am everyday healing myself. Some point in our life when we are dealing with too many healing modalities and we almost practice everything together, it can make our […] Read more

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