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Reiki and Candle Magic

Article by Heidi Ronquillo, Reiki Master

As we all know Reiki is based on the “life force energy” that flows through us and around us.

Reiki can be used in many ways with the accompaniment of many other modalities. One of the ways we can use Reiki energy is for manifestation, one of the ways I have mentioned before was Reiki and crystal grids to manifest one’s intentions.

This time around we will tap into the part of us intrigued by magic and rituals and use it along with Reiki to bring about our intentions.

As we all know Reiki is energy and our energy flows where intentions go. So I will guide you in using Reiki, the Reiki Symbols along with candle magic to manifest our goals.

  • First, you will begin by clearly stating your intention, you can write it down on a piece of paper or just keep it in mind.
    • Be specific. Consider the ethics of your actions (remember what comes around goes around, what you send out you get back threefolds). Use positive language (avoid words like ‘don’t’, ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’ and ‘not’)
  • Select the corresponding color for the candle to concentrate the power of your intention.
    Reiki and Candle Magic

    Image by Skitterphoto

    • Here is a color list of candles for certain intentions:
      Red: Courage and health, sexual love and lust
      Pink: Friendship, sweet love
      Orange: Attraction and encouragement
      Yellow: Persuasion and protection
      Green: Financial gain, abundance, fertility
      Light Blue: Health, patience, and understanding
      Dark Blue: Depression and vulnerability
      Purple: Ambition and power
      Brown: Earth-related or animal-related workings
      Black: Negativity and banishment
      White: Purity and truth
    • You can use a white candle as a replacement for any color, just as a clear quartz can replace any crystal while using the same intentions.
  • Now that you have chosen your candle, let’s use the corresponding Reiki symbols on the candle. You can draw it in the air over the candle.
  • Take a few deep breaths. Hold your hands over the lit candle and over the intentions written down or bring your awareness to your intentions.
  • Draw over the candle the Cho Ku Rei symbol, the power symbol to increase the energy of the intentions you are stating. (You can also use the Sei He Ki symbol if you are looking for balance as you affirm your intentions). Begin to feel the candle being infused with the Reiki energy you are sending.
  • Visualize your goals, begin to feel as your intentions have taken place already. Visualize or draw over the candle the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol.
  • Try to feel how you would feel once your intentions have manifested, what your life would be like, how does it feel.
  • When you have a clear feeling and visualization in mind, repeat your intention as many times as you’d like and continue sending Reiki energy into the candle and seeing the flame sending out your intentions to the universe with your Reiki energy.
  • Imagine the candle’s light and the Reiki energy growing bigger and bigger, filling the whole ritual area. Imagine it growing out, expanding into the universe to bring you your goal.
  • Hold the visualization as long as possible and finish the ritual by grounding with Raku symbol.
  • Thank your Reiki guides for their assistance and guidance.

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Heidi Ronquillo
Heidi Ronquillo

Heidi Ronquillo is a spiritual healer focusing on Reiki and crystal healing in Miami, Fl. She has always been told she has one foot in the physical realm and the other in the spiritual realm. Heidi has been a spiritual person all her life seeing & sensing departed loves ones and angels since she was a child. Her main goal in life is to make a difference in the world and the lives of others. She wants to help those on their spiritual path and bring healing light and love to others. Heidi is a Registered Healer, INHA, Reiki Master, and a 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor. For more information on Reiki, Yoga and Heidi, call 305-301-9615, email purplelotushealing@yahoo.com, or visit www.purplelotusspiritualhealing.weebly.com.

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