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Jar of Happiness


This is a very wonderful technique that I have come across in my life, one that I personally use and love because of its simplicity and the impact that it has on our life. This technique works on the principles of Gratitude; Gratitude is a state of being grateful and thankful for everything that we […] Read more


Angel Jar

Angel Jar

I got this idea to make this Angel Jar from Angels. While reading angel cards for myself, I got this “GOD BOX” card. Somehow I ignored the message and did not make this God Box. I started getting this GOD BOX card whenever I used to do angel reading for myself. So one fine day, […] Read more

Manifesting Our Desires using a Reiki Magic Box - Haripriya Suraj

In this video, Haripriya Suraj talks about how we can use a Reiki Magic Box to manifest our deepest desires. Transcript below. Enjoy :) http://youtu.be/OTJ_oWMPPDE Transcript: Hello friends, My name is Haripriya, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher. Today I’m going to talk about manifesting our desires using something I call a Reiki Magic […] Read more


How to Clean Your Reiki Box

When working with a Reiki box, it can easily get filled up, even to the point of it feeling “cluttered” with old requests. Obviously, something should be done – but what? The problem with cleaning it seems to be, for some people, a feeling of guilt on some level, or something similar. Perhaps as if we’re […] Read more


This is a list of affirmations for attracting love, better relationships, or improving your love life. Use them for inspiration, and feel free to create your own starting from the ones that resonate with you. For best results, place them in your Reiki box for regular energy empowerment, but also read them daily. 1. I […] Read more