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Reiki Meditation

Have you ever heard your body talking to you? No? It does. And all the time. Do you get cold? That is because of too much stress and lack of sleep. Do you have weak eyesight? That is because your body is indirectly telling you to stop thinking too much of past or future based […] Read more

Reiki and Essential Oils II

As we continue with our journey of these essential oils, one must remember to check the authenticity of the oils, as synthetic ones may not give the desired results or may have some adverse effects. The next 9 essential oils are as follows: Clove oil (For Tooth ache) This essential oil is made by water […] Read more

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The Mind Body Connection

Mind Body connection

A scientific fact and spiritual truth that supports one another is that our psychology becomes our biology, or put another way what we believe to be true becomes our reality in mind, body and spirit. Medical science refers to this process as the mind body connection where the quality of our thoughts and beliefs has […] Read more

Reiki Rays Finding Mind Body Spirit Balance

As people who work with energy healing, we often state our goal is to find mind/body/spirit balance. What does that mean, exactly? How difficult is it to find that balance? Or, if found, can a person maintain that balance for months, or even years? It is often easier to define balance in negative terms, as […] Read more

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