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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #32: Why Does the Pain Increase after a Reiki Session and What to Do About It?

Pain After Reiki Session

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Question by Kathy:


My name is Kathy and I have a question regarding a client of mine, who fell a few months ago and hit the right side of her head pretty badly. She’s had MRI’s, scans, and tests, and they reveal no physical damage. However, she suffers from constant pain on the right side of her head, she said it feels like a stabbing pain right above her ear.

This is her second session of Reiki with me. I asked her to rate the pain before I started working on her, and she said it was about a 5.
After our session I asked her to rate the pain, and she actually said that while I was working on her, the pain subsided quite a bit, almost to the point of it going away, but never went away completely as I worked on her.
After our session she said the pain actually felt like it was more of a 6. So the pain increased a bit.

Can you tell me what might cause this? I understand that clients do go through healing crisis at times. Do you have any suggestions I might be able to use as I work on her? When I’m working on her head and holding the Reiki energy right above the injured area, it feels triple the size of her left side, which is the “normal” side.

Can you explain this to me, what I might be feeling here? And any suggestions you might have in helping her get through this pain crisis?

Thank you.

Answer by Deborah Lloyd:

This is Deborah Lloyd, one of the writers for Reiki Rays. Thank you, Kathy, for your question. I believe your client’s situation is not an uncommon one we experience in doing Reiki work.

Although all the medical tests have had negative results, this does not mean there are no physical reasons for this client’s stabbing pains. Decades ago, when x-rays were first used, it seemed to be a medical miracle – and it was! Now we have CAT scans, MRI’s, and other tests; and an x-ray can seem rudimentary. It is possible there is an injury, not yet detectable.

In the second session, when the client’s pain almost subsided, and then went higher than the beginning point, this indicates the healing process is working. Reiki assists our bodies in repairing injuries, more quickly and more efficiently. This may entail some discomfort, or pain – not unlike a broken bone repairing itself – except with Reiki, the healing process can become condensed in a shorter period of time. It can be more intense.

For future sessions with this client, it may be helpful to focus equally on all her chakras, setting the intention for whole mind, body, spirit healing. This fall had to be traumatic for her and could affect her entire system. Balancing all her energetic centers will be helpful. Additionally, there may be a message, or a life lesson for her to grasp, and another chakra may hold the root cause of the issue. For example, falls can indicate an imbalance in life, or rushing too much, or not taking sufficient care of our bodies. Giving Reiki to all the chakras may be important.

Kathy, it is obvious you approach each session with good intentions and a loving spirit. Simply continue to do that, and know that Reiki will always bring healing, in whatever form your client needs. Many blessings to both of you.

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