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angie webster

You Are Beautifully Made, Even If You Feel “Broken”

Living in the physical world, in a physical body is not easy. We will encounter sickness, death, injury, heartbreak, and loss. It is a very difficult part of being human and these difficulties can take every ounce of our strength to cope with. When dealing with these things, everything hurts. Our bodies, our minds, and […] Read more

Remembering the Life Force in Every Cell

Did you know that Life Force Energy is already present in every cell of your body? We don’t have to do anything special to bring it to our bodies. It’s already there, inside of us and everything around us. This energy is called by lots of different names, such as Source, God, Holy Spirit, Higher […] Read more


My best advice for novice healers is simple: Don’t overcomplicate things. At the root of healing is simplicity. Our minds tend to get in the way and make things much more complex than they are. If you are thinking and doing a lot, you might need to let go of some things. Practice. Maintain your own […] Read more

How to Keep a Healthy Mindset, Even During Difficult Times

We are experiencing great change and difficulty in the world right now. The updates are nearly constant, making it feel as though the world has sped up to an impossible speed. Yet, in truth, the world has come to a near stop. Everyone has altered their lives in some way. Each of us had to […] Read more

Soothing Anxious Pets with Reiki and Plant Energy

Many pets suffer from anxiety, especially with loud noises, such as fireworks, construction, or thunderstorms, as well as during separation from their loved ones. If your pet is frightened during these situations, you can help them to feel more at peace with Reiki and a type of energy medicine called flower essences. Flower essences are […] Read more