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angie webster

Soothing Anxious Pets with Reiki and Plant Energy

Many pets suffer from anxiety, especially with loud noises, such as fireworks, construction, or thunderstorms, as well as during separation from their loved ones. If your pet is frightened during these situations, you can help them to feel more at peace with Reiki and a type of energy medicine called flower essences. Flower essences are […] Read more

How Reiki Best Serves the World

The question of how Reiki truly serves and what its actual purpose is meant to be became a real focus in my life in the last year or so. You could say I experienced a sort of a Reiki dark night of the soul. It was a spiritual crisis and a physical crisis. I had […] Read more

Expand your view of Reiki Healing

Most forms of healing, including modern medicine, take the approach that there is a problem and it must be eliminated or relieved. It is typically a very effective means of repairing injury and is helpful in finding and removing the immediate source of imbalance in the body. When we think about healing, it tends to […] Read more

There Are Many Paths to Healing including illness

There are many paths to healing. Including illness. Does that surprise you? Does it sound like a contradiction? It is so easy to fall into the thought that healing means something specific. We can begin to think we will feel happy all the time, or that we never have pain. That we will be cured […] Read more


Is Meditation Important?

Is Meditation Important

Meditation is not often taught as an important factor in modern Reiki practice. However, it was part of the original method of Reiki and was very important to the way that practitioners developed in their practice. Meditation also played a critical role in Mikao Usui’s growth and development. He had practiced meditation and Qigong, a […] Read more

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