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Chair Reiki – An Alternate Practice Method

Although most Reiki practitioners enjoy treating clients in a comfortable and leisurely Reiki session, there are times when a full-length Reiki treatment on a table, complete with soft music and dim lights, is impractical or impossible. These situations can raise concerns as to the efficacy of a treatment. However, all Reiki practitioners know that the […] Read more

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From Grief to Peace…

From Grief to Peace…

We experience grief in many forms throughout our lives. Whether your grief comes from a loss or a separation of some kind, it will create a physical and psychological reaction within us. Before the passing of my beloved grandmother, everyone in my family suffered from anticipatory grief. She had Alzheimer’s for approximately 15 years. For […] Read more

2019 Numerology Predictions for Reiki Practitioners

Numerology is a study of numbers, number patterns, and its energetic relationships. It is a practical tool for understanding yourself deeper as well as your relationships with others. Traditionally, numerology focuses on an individual’s birth date, but what we can also do is look at the overall energy theme for each year and get a […] Read more

Because Reiki is Love!

Article by Mireillee Hammal What is Reiki? Reiki is love.Why? Because Reiki is a hug for your soul.How?‎ With divine holy energy embracing your whole essence.When? Whenever you are ready to say ‘Yes’ to yourself.Where? ‎Wherever you choose to remember who you are. That was in 2010 when Love found me, hugged my soul by enveloping […] Read more

Spiritual Growth with Reiki and Archangel Raziel

Apart from healing body and mind Reiki plays a major role in accelerating one’s spiritual journey. I have witnessed phenomenal personal and spiritual growth since the day I have been attuned to Reiki energy. A few months back I was feeling stuck and heavy. It was a feeling that I am looking for something or […] Read more

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