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Bless Your Food Every Time You Eat

Bless Your Food Every Time You Eat

One of the very basic yet very powerful practices that we learn in Reiki is to bless our food before eating. There are many energy sensitive people like me who immediately can sense the energy of a place, person or even food. It has happened to me many times. Last year, I along with my […] Read more


Family Reiki Box Project

This past month, I started a project for my family, that I’ve been planning for some time. I gave each of us a special box, slips of paper, pen, and explained a Reiki Box’s purpose. Then each of us was allowed to write down anything that we wanted to receive Reiki energy. Such as, personal […] Read more

Reiki, Crystal Skulls and Yoruba Spirituality

As we journey further into the Age of Aquarius, we have an opportunity to align with the ancient Hermetic/Universal Principle of Mentalism and ‘knowing’ along side the Yoruba Spiritual Transformation Principle of ‘Understanding’ and it’s keyword ‘Clarity’, as the scope and target of any focal point that mind attends to. The mind in our understanding […] Read more

Protecting Your Energy As a Healer

My advice to novice healers is to continue practicing on yourself and learn to work with your own special energy.  I like to think that each Reiki healer has his or her own special life force energy vibration and that they were divinely directed to practice Reiki for certain special needs they may have in […] Read more

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The Reiki Principles and Tarot Elements

This is something that came to me while teaching a Reiki lesson to students that have also been to my Tarot classes. For me, this connection provides an enrichment between these two, beyond using Reiki to charge and clear my cards. These are the Reiki Principles: 🌛  Just for today, I will not be blinded […] Read more

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