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Driven by our intention of strengthening the community while navigating this shift of world paradigm with awareness, peace, and resilience, we invited you to share your own Reiki Crystal Grids by sending us pictures along with a short description of them if possible. We are very grateful to those who had time, courage, and openness […] Read more

Honoring our Masters Reiki Calendar

A printable PDF version of this calendar is available for FREE to all our subscribers. Subscribe below to download it. If you are already subscribed just insert your email address and we will send you the PDF. For more inspiring insights on completing these daily tasks, you can check out the articles shared below: Day […] Read more


It’s a doubt we’ve all been through… There’s this calling to support the healing process of others and the world itself through our innate gifts but something might hold us back and make us fear our contribution thinking we can pick up energies that do not belong to us, energies that may disturb our energy […] Read more


Healing Yourself FIRST

Healing Yourself FIRST

‘’Heal yourself first and leave everyone else alone until you do’’. Let’s leave the concept of healing aside for a moment and introduce some grounded reality which often goes missing when we deal with ‘’spiritual stuff’’. A basic principle of creation and personal and spiritual development is free will, your power and ability to choose. […] Read more

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Do We Need to Add Other Healing Methods?! Reiki Is Reiki!

Recently, I was asked what advice to give to a new Reiki practitioner. I thought that I had touched on most of the issues that I had faced. However, days later, the most important lesson that I learned during my first Reiki training has been the most valuable piece of advice that I was given, […] Read more

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