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The Energy of the Dragon: Dragon Reiki

The energy of the dragon is an amazing tool that all have hidden inside us, it´s waiting to be awaken, and it can be used both physical and emotional. Dragon Reiki focuses on healing and caring for the spirit, because of the belief is that if the spirit is in harmony and at peace, only [...]

Why Healing Yourself Is Your Only Way of Healing the World

One of the most common ‘diseases’ from Reiki practitioners or healing types is that they tend to neglect the healing of themselves. They become the wounded healer trope who gives at the expense of themselves. As if burning a house was the way to give someone warmth. Why heal oneself? And how does that heal [...]

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Importance of Fasting and Reiki During Navaratri- The Hidden Science

Navaratri is one of the most celebrated festivals in India, especially the Sharad Navaratri that falls in the month of September or October succeeding the period of monsoon. It is because the Sharad Navaratri marks the beginning of the prominent festivities, including Vijayadashmi (Dussehara) and Deepawali, which are celebrated across the country. On one hand, [...]


Cho Ku Rei Meditation

Cho Ku Rei Meditation

Cho Ku Rei is the symbol of power and protection. We use this symbol for many purposes such as to protect against negativity by using it as a barrier, to increase the power of Reiki, to close the session, to increase the power of other symbols, to remove the negativity, to clean the crystals and [...]

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The Power Drain

The Power Drain

When we give a Reiki treatment we all have our very own signature technique. The one thing that always works for us without fail. For me, that is the power drain. The power drain is most effective when you work together with your client. Working together to remove energy is not just a more effective [...]


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