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Don’t Neglect Your Chakras

Don't Neglect Your Chakras

When we begin our Reiki self-healing practice, we learn about the energy system that runs along the spine – the chakras. This is an exciting time and we enthusiastically embrace chakra healing. While in the learning stages, we take special care with our practice. Perhaps we have a scheduled time for healing planned for each […] Read more

Reiki Throughout my Pregnancy

I am writing after more than a year now. I am writing as I have something wonderful to share with you all which I feel may help you too. I usually share my own experience with Reiki. Though this article also I am sharing my own experience. I have become a mother recently. My entire […] Read more

Working with Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel – “Joy of God/Grace of God” My connection with Archangel Haniel formed when I started understanding moon phases and started working around moon phases and lunar energies. As I started working more and more with Archangel Haniel, I realised that there is more to beautiful angel than just connection with lunar energies. Archangel […] Read more


Healing Violence with Reiki

Healing Violence with Reiki

“We could be the healin’ When you’re feeling all alone We could be the reason To find the strength to carry on In a world that’s so divided We shall overcome We could be the healing We can be the flower in the gun We could be the healing We can be the flower in […] Read more

Manifesting Overseas Work Assignment with Reiki and Angels

One of my dreams was to work in my Investment banking role overseas. When I was in my MBA school itself I had decided I would want to work internationally. However, I graduated in 2007 when the financial service industry was on a brink of recession. I got my dream job in my dream company […] Read more

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