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A Gift in Health Crisis: Calling upon Archangel Azrael

As we deal with the continuing ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic, each one will experience moments that are truly heartbreaking. These comprise the memories that will be forever with us. For me, one of the most difficult things to read, or see on television, are the patients who are dying alone. No family members are […] Read more

Releasing Energy through the Soles of the Feet

In a previous article, “The Professional Reiki Session – The Reiki Treatment,” I discussed a technique that continues to serve my clients well – Opening the Soles of the Feet. Several years ago, Reiki’s guidance led me to this procedure during a client session. At that time, I received clear instructions to energetically open the […] Read more

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Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Reading

We’re still under the influence of the New Moon so let’s see what type of inner work we are guided to start this week! Look at the cards below, take a deep breath, and choose one you feel drawn to. We’ll reveal your card at 9pm PST. After 9 pm PST click here to reveal […] Read more

The Coronavirus: A Journey from Fear and Resistance to Openness and Love

The world changed dramatically. And it changed quickly. Safety and control were taken away. Humanity experienced a group trauma. And now there is more separation. “The virus is real” vs “The virus is a conspiracy.” “The governments are helping us” vs “The governments are controlling us.” “Us” versus “them” – AGAIN. Separation. The antipathies of healing. So […] Read more

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