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The Crown Chakra

Archangel Zadkiel and the Crown Chakra

The Sanskrit name of Crown chakra is Sahasrara chakra. It represents our connection to Divine, Universe, and Higher-realms. It defines spiritual awakening, spirituality, inner wisdom, enlightenment, ethics, psychic abilities, trusting God. Signs of Balanced Crown chakra – Spiritually balanced, enhanced psychic abilities, ethical, trusting and trustworthy, religiously balanced Symptoms of Overactive Crown chakra – Arrogant, […] Read more

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Alignment with Abundance Energy

Alignment with Abundance Energy

Article by Sulagna Bose We all desire the free flow of money, prosperity, and abundance in our life. It is one of the most common healing requests that I receive from various clients. Financial issues like debt, low income and lack of scope to enhance income are common reasons of stress. Whenever I receive such […] Read more

Reiki, Meditation, and Crystals to Strengthen Intuition

Reiki is a tremendous catalyst for spiritual growth. It is the process of using Reiki combined with meditation that connects us to the ancient energy that feeds and nourishes the spirit. It grounds and centers us in a way that focuses our vision and allows distractions to fall away. In this place of peace, our […] Read more

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Healing Drug Addiction with Reiki – A Case Study

Maya (name changed) always came across as a calm and composed individual to everybody around. She was very polite and thoughtful of others. But her brown aura always told me that there was something shaky under this calm exterior. I would speak to her with the intention to know what was under this tough exterior […] Read more

Why Do I Still Feel Pain if I’m Healing?

As a new Reiki practitioner, the first time that I went to a Reiki share, I was surprised to hear seasoned practitioners with many years of experience commenting on their many ailments. If Reiki works and these people had been practicing for years and years, why they were in pain? Some doubt about my new […] Read more

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