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August 2013

Explaining Reiki to Others

One of the most interesting challenges I have met as a Reiki practitioner has been learning how to explain what Reiki is and the ways it works to help us to those who know little or nothing about Reiki. I find that a different explanation is needed depending upon the person to whom you are […] Read more


I want to share this experience with you. I’m in my 70’s and have always been plagued with recalling embarrassing or upsetting events in my life, and painfully “cringe” whenever I relive them. So I used the power, distant, and healing symbols before telling all my past memories of such events to line up and […] Read more


Healing requires that something must change rather than just taken away. Lessons must be learnt through knowledge and understanding and not negated by default or elimination, and if the lesson doesn’t challenge us it is unlikely to change us. We need to move from the state of illness or disease along the road to recovery, […] Read more


Reiki and Ritual

Reiki needs no ritual, but perhaps we do. Reiki itself, by that I mean spiritual energy, or soul energy, requires no ritual. How can it? Spiritual, or soul, energy transcends any requirement of any kind.  But, Reiki practice, like any practice, requires consistency and reverence on the part of the practitioner. And that is where […] Read more