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August 2013

Healing is in great demand and natural healing can be your best bet to start up or deepen your healing journey. To prune one’s life from unwanted experiences both at physical, emotional and spiritual levels will give a good fresh and healthier look inside out. How can Reiki help you on this journey? The journey […] Read more


Reiki and Angel Therapy

About more than a month back, my grandmother passed away. Though I was sad, I knew she was in a better place, because she had suffered a lot in her last years. After learning Reiki, I knew about souls anxiously waiting to transit. Till this happen they remain attached to their earthly life. I decided […] Read more

Angel Therapy { 11 comments }

Since coming across the 12 colour meditation by Mary Derr on Alain Herriott’s book Supercharging Quantum Touch, I was inspired to use it within my Reiki practice for both myself and my Reiki clients. I have already been using colours with my Reiki channelling and chakra balancing work, but the moment I learnt this simple […] Read more


The Inner Child Issue

The Inner Child refers to your emotional body. Carl Jung called it the ‘Divine Child’. Some call it the ‘Wonder Child’. Freud simply called it our “True Self.” What is the inner child? It is the child within us that got lost in childhood. Our personalities are formed based on childhood experiences. Sometimes, these experiences […] Read more


There are total of 15 archangels known to us. Each Archangel has their own purpose, but they help us in all situations when called upon with a pure heart. Like Crystals, there are Archangels associated with each Chakra, and every Archangel has an affinity to a certain crystal! We can call upon the Archangels by […] Read more

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