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November 2012

Quick Tip: How to Drink Reiki

Well, not exactly, but pretty close. You can send Reiki energy everywhere and at any time, and you can “treat” everything with Reiki. This is a technique you can use to enhance the quality of the drinking water with Reiki. Clear your mind and enable the flow of Reiki Place your hands around the glass [...]


Brahma Satya Reiki

Brahma Satya Reiki is a recent Reiki evolution, which originated from India with the descent of Shiva-Shakti as Brahma Satya. It mainly came into origination in August, 1997. Deepak Hardikar was responsible for bringing this Reiki form and stated that brahma sutras or universal keys persist. Due to this system, the origination of Brahma Satya [...]


Information about Anugraha Reiki

Anugraha Reiki is a popular form of Reiki healing system. Reiki has its origins traced from Japan and the practice was started by Mikao Usui (Tendai Budhhist) in the year 1922. He discovered the technique after a 21-day retreat on Mount Kurama. After undergoing fasting, meditation and prayer during the retreat, Usui claimed to that [...]


Update Jan 2015: The article below is not about the actual Reiki Symbol known as the Midas Star. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out our article about the Midas Star – The Reiki Symbol for Abundance and Prosperity. Everyone deserves to be happy and happiness lies in your own hands. In fact, this [...]


Kundalini Reiki

Editor’s note: Check out our more recent article on Kundalini Reiki here. Kundalini Reiki is very simple and aims at opening up energy within your body to channelize it for healing purposes. It collaborate the elements of conventional Reiki form and includes Yoga beliefs. The purpose behind Kundalini Reiki is to reach highest spiritual level, [...]

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