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Information about Anugraha Reiki

Anugraha Reiki is a popular form of Reiki healing system. Reiki has its origins traced from Japan and the practice was started by Mikao Usui (Tendai Budhhist) in the year 1922. He discovered the technique after a 21-day retreat on Mount Kurama.

After undergoing fasting, meditation and prayer during the retreat, Usui claimed to that he received some mystical revelation and got the knowledge and the spiritual power for treatment and healing.

Reiki is fairly simple and easy to implement. Everyone can employ the system in to their lives to achieve spiritual healing for their own and others. Reiki Teaching involves three parts, which are commonly known as degrees.

The first degree usually teaches the basic processes and theories for using Reiki energy. The universal life energy undergoes energy channels in the body. It is able to open through four attunements given by the Reiki master to any student.

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The first degree of Anugraha training includes the usage of hand placements, which allows the channelizing of Reiki energy for people.

The second degree of the Reiki training involves the implementation of Reiki symbols and the way they can be used for initiating healing. Students are also taught about the ways to provide distant healing. It will further allow people to be able to heal others without being physically present with them.

The third degree of the Reiki training involves making the student to become a Reiki Expert or Master. A person becomes able to attune others to Reiki and teach the system to others on this level.

There are different forms of Reiki followed by many people and each one of them provides varying ways of providing spiritual healing. One of them is ‘Anugraha Reiki’. It is a spiritual healing skill that originated in the lands of India. The word Anugraha means Grace, Mercy, Power of Revelation or Mukti.

Self healing is the first part of Anugraha Reiki, which focuses on self awareness, self healing, maintaining perfect relationship and replenishment. Attunement or Dikhsa is given for activating seldom used parts of the brain. The spiritual practice is meant for transforming the consciousness of a person and keeps a deep state of awareness within one month duration.

The second level of Anugraha Reiki focuses on healing other people. During this duration, sacred sounds are being taught to assist in invoking positive consciousness. There is teaching of advanced levels consequently. A type of special mantra is used to invoke the presence and healing techniques for distant healing and personal healing is taught to students.

The third degree initiation of Anugraha Reiki makes involvement of the use of teachings for various reasons, such as meditation, astral projection, changed space or time, easing the transition process and bridging life and death. The two additive master symbols are also revealed.

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