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Reiki has Magical Impacts

When you look at the title of this post, you will be captivated by the thought about magical impacts of Reiki. Reiki is within you and this is the reason, it can create a magic inside you. Reiki is a compassionate energy, which brings light and happiness into every life. This energy can fulfil all desires of life and creates a magic in the race of life.

Reiki moves with the concept of Universal Life Force Energy. World vibrates at different levels of frequencies and every thought and action on it is itself a source of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can change its form. Similarly, every object in world vibrates at different frequency and Reiki gives you power to convert negative form of energy into positive one. Reiki can convert negative energy into positive by releasing blockages and growing energy levels. It is a way to develop your spiritual presence.

When a person is initiated to the art of Reiki, they will realize that they get into better state of living. They will be better in mental and physical state than the people not carrying out Reiki therapy. Their bonding with the Almighty and universe becomes intense. They are able to relate intensely with living and non-living things. The person who makes of Reiki therapy to treat themselves will realize that their thoughts are positive; memory power is improving and get more energetic than the people not knowing or implementing Reiki.

Reiki has Innovative Uses

Reiki can be used innovatively to make your life better. Many people use it in innovative ways, which makes their life easier than before. Reiki can be used innovatively to get those things streamlined, which give you peace. It can even charge up energy levels of non-living things. Living things and even plants and animals respond to Reiki treatment. Reiki can enhance the functioning level of various things. It even brings intuitive power to the people who believe on it. It is observed that replanted plants can get rooted easily with the impact of Reiki. If an animal gets sick or drowsy, they can get better with Reiki.

There is a true story regarding impact of Reiki on plants. A lady had several plants at home and took very good care of them. She used to talk to them and love them. She had to leave the home for 10 days due to some unwanted event and when she returned, her son told that he tried to take care of plants, but they didn’t respond good and died without any reason. The lady got upset and shocked to see the plants dying and leaves browning without any reason. She took the help of Reiki treatment on plants and surprisingly, the plants revived and sprouted fresh leaves. Even veggies and fruits respond to Reiki and it keeps them fresh for a longer duration.

Distressed and sick animals also can get comfort with Reiki. If Reiki energy subsides in your home, you will keep away from any negativity entering your home. Some people visualize the pyramid over their main doors and even put the symbols for drawing power inside their place of living. You can always imbibe positivity in your kids or family members by regularly distributing Reiki energy into your home.

There is an experience of a person who got a lot of accidents during one year duration. He fell from his bed, slipped in washroom and even got arm fractured. His healthcare provider gave him Reiki treatment to reduce the negativity he got in his mind. Reiki Masters surrounded him with Power Reiki Symbol to protect him from the phase he was undergoing. The person was so desperate to become fine that he learnt Reiki and now, implements it on other people also. He even calls Reiki as ‘Reiki Insurance’.

Reiki is a Magic for the people who know the right way to use it. It can even enable you to find your lost objects or entities. It can even help in ailment of hard problems and times arising in the lives of a person. Some people use colored crystals with the usage of Reiki to get even better results with Reiki treatment. If anything is making you upset, you can just give trial to Reiki to sooth your mind from the ill-effects of that thing. You can watch that everything becomes fine with the effect of Reiki.

If you talk to people about Reiki, there will be no need of any sort of testimonials. There are many facts associated with Reiki and you can put aside the doubts in your mind by testing the efficiency of Reiki in a right way. If you are unsure about it, try it once through healing session by a reiki master or observe how others are benefited with it. Reiki can fulfill all your desires and make you a better person.

Reiki is an art and not concerned about sciences. It can become a part of your life and enrich your life beyond your thinking. It proves that Universe has lots to give to us and we can channelize our energies to fulfill our desires and hopes.

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  • Dr Priyanka December 9, 2012, 12:08 pm

    Beautiful article..

    • Reiki Rays December 9, 2012, 9:43 pm

      Thank you!

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