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Medicine Reiki: A Perfect Blend of East And West

American medicine practices are combined with Eastern Reiki techniques to bring a unique healing method, which makes use of life force energies to heal a person. Father Sun and Mother Earth, along with all elements on this Earth are linked with life force energies surrounding us. Medicine Reiki is a unique form of Reiki, which combines the medical approach of Native Americans and spiritual Japanese Reiki beliefs.

Medicine Reiki was never aimed at surpassing other Reiki forms, but was originated as a way out to get a deeper understanding of energy levels binding all living things together. It is an additional form of Reiki having specialization of a union of concepts of East and West. The healing through this form of Reiki takes place quite faster and more effectively than other forms of Reiki. Medicine and Reiki are the 2 elements combining together to form a best way to heal a person. When knowledge and holistic approach combines, it gives birth to a great form of healing, called medicinal healing.

Image by Franco Folini

Medicines are meant to heal the physical illness of body. They can only heal physical condition of a body, but give only a temporary relief to a person. On the other hand, Reiki can leave impacts on physical, spiritual, mental and emotional aspects of your life. There is infinite life force energy around us and channelizing it at proper levels can allow it to heal you from inside as well as outside. The effect of medicines would be higher on physical part, but Reiki will make you well from inside. The combination of these elements will make you to get healed beyond your normal capacity. This makes better healing of physical state and inner dispositions of the body and makes your body well from inside.

Medicine Reiki concept is not really old. It was a new form founded in late 1990’s and since then; it is being practiced to get better responsiveness from other form of energies. The best thing about medicine reiki is that it can be used to recover faster. Medications might have side-effects, if taken alone. However, medicine reiki acts as a dualistic energy source and won’t be harmful in any way. Reiki and medicine have a great combination and create much more positivity in a person and can’t hurt anyone in any way.

Medicine Reiki is also different in a way that the healing process is done in small grouping. The community participation makes it a best way to share energy between a group of people having similar thinking and energy levels. These closer bonds can generate better energy flows and speeds up the healing process.

Medicine Reiki was primarily used by Native Americans, but now, more communities are also drawing their attention towards the dual functioning of medicine and reiki to get best healing impacts on the body. Reiki healing technique will continue growing with time and as long as people are having best results with it, it will keep on boosting the energy levels and expand its area of excellence.

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